Tuesday, May 22, 2012

26 weeks

How Far Along: 26 weeks
How Big are the Babies? They are each the size of a head of lettuce.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm up 18lbs since retrieval- which means I lost a pound this week somehow. I promise you I'm not sure how this happened. The number of baby shower cupcakes that I consumed was slightly obscene. 
Maternity Clothes: Anytime I leave the house I'm wearing maternity. 
Movement: These babies kick all.the.time. When they calm down for long periods of time it freaks me out!
Belly button in or out? It is still in, and getting shallower. The weird part is that it is now getting kinda numb... SO WEIRD!
What I miss: Sleeping well at night.
Milestones: Having my very own baby shower! It was amazing and my family did a fantastic job with every single detail and to top it all off, we ended up with a ton of great gifts!
Food Cravings:  Still cake, those cupcakes at my baby shower were pretty much AMAZING :)
Aversions: Eggs..... still grossing me out.
Symptoms:  Exhaustion, very tightly stretched sore belly skin, numb belly button, leg cramps, lots of soreness, ligament pain and the return of  the horrible heartburn.
Best Moment this week: Probably hearing both of the boys' heartbeats after the spotting scare. Talk about relief! Then, within hours I was sitting at MY baby shower. After a scary Friday, the weekend ended up being pretty amazing!

Funny Moment: Finding myself with a q-tip in my nose when I was meaning to put it in my ear.... my attention span is about 2 seconds these days. 
Tip of the Week: Doing six loads of laundry in one morning may be too much for a body carrying two tiny babes. Spread out the work, even if you've finally found some energy. 
What I'm looking forward to: Seeing our sweet boys again in a week :)


E and R said...

So glad things are OK and that you had a great shower!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that all is well- carrying twins is not easy-! So glad that you had an amazing shower :)

Emily said...

So happy to hear everything is going well and you had a great shower.