Tuesday, May 1, 2012

23 week ultrasound

The boys looked perfect this morning! Both were playing nice and allowed the tech to get all of the measurements she was looking for- which was a nice change from their usual antics! I did end up getting dizzy and hot during the ultrasound and had to turn onto my side, but she managed to finish the majority of the ultrasound with me turned away from her.

The boys are weighing in at about 1lb 4oz and 1lb 5oz. Both of those little buggers looked like they were growing right on track. I always love to see how they are positioned. I guessed right, both of their feet are right together and spend A LOT of time kicking each other (and me in the process!). She also confirmed that they were stretching up and getting really good at finding my ribs- little stinkers :)

After spending about an hour getting all of the important measurements and just watching them be so dang cute we moved on to every one's favorite the wand! Thankfully we managed to get a great look at my cervix which was plenty long and not funneling or opening at all. We also found that Baby A's placenta has moved away from my cervix and is no longer in the danger zone. So, at this point we don't have anything (other than being pregnant with multiples) that will inhibit a natural-ish childbirth.

We have one final appointment with our current OB in four weeks at 27 weeks. That appointment will be a long one- glucose test, ultrasound and a follow-up with our doctor. Then two weeks later we'll start seeing the doctor that will (hopefully) deliver the boys. It seems crazy that we are just four weeks away from starting two week appointments!

Question for multiple mamas out there.... did you take a childbirth class? We've heard from some that it was a little useless for multiple pregnancies, but from others that it was worth the time and money to take it. Anyone want to weigh in on this one???


K and K Wicker said...

I haven't been keeping up too well lately so I'm just now reading that you are in fact having two baby boys!! Congrats! How amazing! I still have a dream of having four boys myself! So exciting--so happy things are going well with the babes. :)

MaryMargaret said...

I love ultrasound days- it's so awesome to see them kicking and interacting with each other! I hope you get good feedback about the birthing class- I've heard the same concerns about multiples. We're only taking one because the class includes epidural/anesthesia info and, at our hospital, if you don't take the class, you cannot have an epidural unless it's for an emergency c-section. *Shrugs*

Xiomi said...

That's awesome that your boys are right on track...mine weighed 1lb 4oz and 1lb 6oz during that time frame...You are doing a great job!!! As for birthing classes...I never took one since I had said from the beginning that I wanted a C-section even though my OB wanted me to deliver natural since it was my first pregnancy...in the end I got my c-section and recovered quickly with the help of my Mommy and Hubby :)

amy said...

Sweet!! Getting so close now! Glad they are doing well :)

Love Jones said...

I havent had any multiples but I still like your blog ALOT :)


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