Friday, February 17, 2012

This and That...

The insomnia may kill me.

I woke up at 2:30 on Thursday morning. Once I was up and had gone to the bathroom I realized that I was starving. Eating some peanut butter crackers and drinking a big glass of water solved that problem, but it didn't solve the sleeping issue. I was wide awake for 2 whole hours. Lame. The only positive about the wake up was putting my hand on my belly when I woke up and realizing that HOLY CRAP it seemed huge and really firm.

I can feel the firmness of my uterus all the way up to just below my belly button... at 12.5 weeks. I'm nearly positive I am going to be some kind of freak show by the end of the summer. And I can't wait :)

Growth is happening in other places beyond my belly too... I'm going to need to look into some new bras in the very near future.

Hubs is hilarious about not wanting me to do things. I love it- he is so protective of me and these two little babes of ours.

I'm trying to make sure I eat frequently, but if I don't, it is very obvious when it is time to get some more food in this body of mine.

I love life without progesterone suppositories!

I love all of the changes that are happening with my body, and I'm in awe constantly of everything that is happening.

Most importantly.... 19 days until we get to see our babies again!!


Jesica said...

Man, twins must REALLY need more room than singletons because at 14 weeks you can still only barely feel the top of my uterus just above my pubic hair line. I can only imagine how quickly they're going to start growing once you hit the 2nd tri! Glad to hear you're doing well and sorry about the insomnia!

bmccrimm said...

Isnt it amazing how quickly your body adapts to carrying little ones!? I remember being pregnant with my triplrts and being in awe lf how everything changed to accomodate them. Good luck, I love hearing about how you are doing!

Michele said...

Let the countdown begin 19 more days!

Stephanie said...

Now that's a fun countdown to have! That is cute that your hubs is so protective already. He's going to be a great dad!

browning2222 said...

It is such a great feeling to feel how hard your belly gets. My DH freaks out when I do stuff also, I just think if you only knew what I do when you are not home. It's not like I would put the babies in jeopardy and they let me know when enough is enough.