Thursday, February 9, 2012


You guys were cracking me up yesterday as I was laying on the couch nursing a nasty headache! Don't worry, we aren't buying anything just yet, especially anything big. We ARE however researching and choosing exactly what we want so when we are ready... closer to 20 weeks, we can just pick up the things we're already set on.
From what I've read from other twin mamas, things start getting kind of uncomfortable around 24 weeks and lots of twin pregnancies see some level of bed rest sometime in the final 12 weeks. Hence, the research and early-ish shopping.

At this point, I'm even more confused than before about what kind of chair to get. I think I'm officially putting the idea of a glider to rest, that just doesn't seem feasible if indeed I'm able to tandem (please for sanity sake let it work!!!). I've read a few things about not wanting something that rocks when you have two babies precariously attached to your nipples on some big pillow- makes sense. But, a big comfy recliner seems like a grand idea if they are going to be up a million times per night nursing. I am assuming I'll do a lot of the daytime nursing on our bed or the couch, but after Hubs goes back to work it will be ideal to be somewhere other than our bedroom at night.

Also, did I tell you that I went to the bookstore to look for a twin pregnancy book? Yeah- nothing that wasn't published at least ten years ago. Everything I looked at seemed a little irrelevant. One of them spent about half the book talking about who has twins and how they happen. While I'm sure that is interesting (at least somewhat) to someone who has spontaneous twins, I know EXACTLY how these babies were made and I'm way more interested in knowing what I should expect over the next several weeks. I did buy one book, but it is more about the first year.... Holy overwhelming! So, if you have a twin pregnancy book recommendation I'm all ears!


Stephanie said...

I think it's great that you are being proactive! Time will definitely start flying but and it will be nice to have all these decisions made, especially if you just have to send your husband out to pick up some things.

bmccrimm said...

I really liked When expecting twins, triplets and quads... I have triplets and thought it was good. As for after, I liked Mothering Multiples. A good hearted read is Chicken Soup for the Soul Twins and More... Makes you excited for whats to come.

Mrs. H said...

The only book I know of is Dr. Barbara Luke's when expecting twins, triplets and quads.

K and K Wicker said...

I just had a great friend carry twin boys to 38 weeks with zero bed rest, no PTL issues, all while working full time. I pray that this is you and you can avoid all bed rest. And great thinking on preparing ahead of time. The hubs and I did the same thing, and it has TOTALLY paid off! Yea for twins!!