Tuesday, February 28, 2012

14 weeks

How Far Along: 14 weeks 
How Big are the Babies? The size of lemons.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Down 3lbs. post retrieval. No change from last week.
Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing maternity more and more. The belly is growing, and because we aren't completely out of the pregnancy closet yet, I'm still hiding the baby bump in some groups. 
Gender: I can't wait to find out!! I'm crossing my fingers that we can tell at 15 weeks. At most we are six weeks away from finding out!
Movement: I've felt a weird feeling a few times.. I'm still not convinced its the babies. 
Sleep: Sleep is great when I'm able to stay asleep :)
Belly button in or out? In, but it is starting to feel pretty weird.
What I miss: Pizza without heartburn!
Milestones: I'm in the second trimester... it feels SO good!
Food Cravings:  Fruit and veggies. 
Aversions: Still just eggs. I managed to eat a hard boiled egg over the weekend, then I attempted it again and it was a MAJOR fail. I guess I'm not ready for them yet!
Symptoms: Pretty much the same... nausea if I let myself get too hungry, back pain, fatigueheadaches, constipation, sore nipples, a healthy dose of heartburn, and hunger in the night. 
Best Moment this week: Letting a few more people in on our secret.  Listening to my grandmother tell me about all the twins in our family- I didn't burst her bubble and tell her these babies had nothing to do with genetics. I just let her have her moment. 
Funny Moment: Walking into a friends house and having her 18 month old daughter say... 'Hi W and W, Hi babies!' 
Tip of the Week: Just keep eating. Skip the pizza... no matter how good it sounds!
What I'm looking forward to: the next ultrasound-- A week and a day... it is FINALLY getting close!


Mrs. H said...

Can't wait for the gender reveal. So glad you're progressing smoothly. Yaay for healthy pregnancy!!

newbie said...

Congrats on 14 weeks!