Monday, April 11, 2011

A few things...

I don't have much to say, so I thought I would just give a bullet point update from CD11 of a natural cycle....

  • The hubs is going to be out of town for what will possibly be peak ovulation time... if I ovulate on my own this cycle. Oh-well.

  • I managed to make it through the baby shower over the weekend. The guest of honor was kind of on my sh*% list before the shower, but that is a another post for another day.

  • We sent a second email to our parents. It had been about a month since the first, and we felt like we should update them on the final failed IUI and that we are moving on to IVF soon.

  • Two weeks until our IVF consult. This will also be my first appointment with my RE when she is NOT pregnant!

  • I found out my sister-in-law is having a shower for baby #2. Although I really am happy for her and my brother, I am NOT really happy to be attending another baby shower which will be out of state AND on Mother's Day weekend. Lord help me.

  • My best friend ended up ditching her duties helping get ready for the baby shower on Saturday, and instead she joined me for a wonderful pedicure and a nice long talk over lunch. I REALLY needed that.

  • I've been very surprised that my in-law's response to all things IF, and have felt more supported by them than my own parents. I was super worried about it, and it has proven to be great.

  • Every time I get in the car a super inspiring song comes on the radio. I am loving it!

  • Not taking fertility drugs is amazing :)

  • I love being able to go to the gym and do whatever I want without worrying about my growing ovaries!

  • I am meeting a fellow IF blogger at the end of the week!

  • My insurance company makes me CRAZY!


Baby Hopes said...

What a woman for getting through the shower with such bravery! I'll be thinking of you this Mother's Day... what horrible timing for a shower. Cute for the pregnant woman and blissfully ignorant fertiles. Torture for an infertile. Have fun meeting your fellow blogger!

Michele said...

That list goes from A to Z and back again. Sorry about the shower's, aren't they just a kick in the pants.
Hope you have a good time meeting with another IF blogger, hope it's great and not weird seeing her in real life.

Bobbi said...

Baby showers are so painful! And yes, not taking fertility drugs has got to feel AMAZING! But, once your start IVF, you won't stop FOREVER. Even after you're pregnant, you gotta keep up with meds. And yes, going to the gym without any worries has got to feel good too! Infertility takes away so much joy in life...even the small, normal things (like the gym) are taken away from us. I'm excited for your consult in a couple week! It'll mark the beginning of the end for you, my friend! :)