Sunday, March 13, 2011


Tomorrow is the big day.... our sixth and final IUI. Six.

I managed to find a little hope for this cycle after Friday's ultrasound appointment. As of Friday, I had two follies that looked like they would be plenty mature, and my lining was thicker than it has been in the past with a triple stripe pattern. I am trying to believe that this might be it, but with our track record it is SO hard!


Baby Hopes said...

Best of luck!!! Thinking of you!

E and R said...

Thinking of you! Hope this is it!

Bobbi said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! Praying for you! :)

Lavonne said...

Good Luck! Sending prayers your way!

*Our Wish*

Stephanie said...

Yay!!! So exciting to check out my Reader and seeing this news! I'm so pumped for you and hope and pray this is it, this is your miracle!! Thank you for all of your support the past week, its been very much appreciated :) Thinking of YOU today and sending you lots of prayers and positive vibes!