Monday, March 14, 2011

Picture This... husband, a RE, a nurse and myself all in a TINY exam/ultrasound room. I am not exaggerating on the size. Within the room there was the exam table, a small stool for the doctor, a counter with sink and cabinets, an ultrasound machine, one chair, a large garbage can, a magazine rack and one of those bendy spotlight things. Keep in mind that this room, containing all of the previously mentioned items and people, is only about 6'x10'.

Moving on.

Upon arrival to the room, the nurse gave the usual instructions about undressing from the waist down and then we were left to wait for the doctor. Once the doctor arrived he gave us all of the information about my husband's sample (which was the best one yet!!) and then briefly explained what was about to happen. All the while I am thinking to myself, "really, you are going to explain an IUI to me right now? Check out my chart, this is NUMBER SIX! I am pretty sure if you gave me a mirror and a third arm I could do this myself!"

Once we were educated on what was about to happen, he grabbed the end of the bendy lamp out from the side of the exam table that was right up against the wall and asked me to put my feet in the stirrups, lay back and scoot to the edge of the table. As the doctor begins "preparing the cervix" the bendy spotlight flickers and then goes out. Perfect.

It is important to note at this point, that said spotlight was plugged in behind the exam table that was pushed up against the wall of the tiny exam room. Let me also point out the the outlet it was plugged into was about half up up the exam table, about mid torso while I was laying down.

So, once the doctor realized that it may be an issue of not being firmly plugged into the outlet he stands up and proceeds to examine the issue from right between my legs... which of course are still in the stirrups. He is reaching for the plug to make sure it is fully engaged in the outlet and all I can think about is what if he loses his balance as he reaches? He is going to end up in a VERY awkward position!

This of course all took place moments after the "scoot to the edge of the table" comment that nearly always makes me giggling after another blogger (who shall remain nameless... HI!!) told me about her not so graceful, unintentional dismount from the exam table at her IUI recently. Let's just say I scoot with a little more care now!

Needless to say, number six was memorable!

I am feeling really hopeful about number six. I had two follies, a nice lush lining, we had a great sample and the doctor said that the insemination went perfectly and he was able to get right up to the top of my uterus. I REALLY hope this is it!


Lavonne said...

Let's hope #6 is the lucky number!!!

Also I hope you don't mind but I'd like to suggest changing the font for your posts on your blog. It's really hard to read and it takes some straining to see it sometimes. :))

Baby Hopes said...

Awww!!! Very best of luck after what may have been a very traumatizing experience! ;) I am convinced that we in the IF world are troopers above all others (relatively speaking)...

Brandi said...

Hope this is it! Keeping my fingers crossed! Love the story, that seems like something that would happen to us! Maybe this will help things in some crazy way! HA1

Stephanie said...

Love this story! Sending you lots of prayers and hugs!

womb for improvement said...

They say laughter is supposed to be a good thing just after conception. I see you are in the two week wait too. Best of luck.