Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We have a plan...

I am feeling so much better after our discussion appointment this morning . I had convinced myself that IVF was next, and after talking with our doctor we found out that we had more than one option.

Obviously the best success rates are going to be with IVF. Our doctor told us that for our case we would be looking at about a 70% chance of a pregnancy and about a 65% chance of live birth. These are fantastic odds, and they certainly make me feel confident that this IS going to happen eventually. At our clinic IVF is about a three month process from start to finish. First comes a month of testing, a month of BCPs and finally the stim/retrieval/transfer month. So, IVF with ICSI is option one.

Our second option would be to continue on with the same plan we've been using- IUIs in conjunction with clomid. I feel like we've already exhausted this option. Although we've seen a good response, it hasn't worked. Its time to move on.

Our third option was to continue with IUIs, but move on to injectable (follistim) medication in place of clomid. Switching to injectables will increase our chances of pregnancy by 5% each cycle, but also will increase our chances of having a cycle canceled due to over stimulation.

We chose option three. For me, I feel it is necessary to exhaust our options before we move on to IVF. Our RE agreed with our choice and said it would be a good way to transition into an IVF cycle. She suggested doing two or three injectable IUI cycles, but said we can choose to abandon IUI at any time and move over to IVF.

Even though we are in the midst of our current IUI cycle, we will begin preparing for injectables this week. I have a teaching appointment scheduled for this Thursday. Soon, I will know more than I ever wanted to about giving my self injections as part of our quest for a baby.

So, there you have it. In thirteen days we will find out if this discussion was even necessary. If it was, we will be ready to move forward with injectables just a few days later.

Sadly, we also found out today that my doctor is nearing her maternity leave, so she may or may not be around when/if we do IVF. I have really liked her throughout our treatment, but also feel completely and totally confident that I will be equally happy with all of the other doctors in her practice.


Brandi said...

Good that you have options and a plan in place!!! Maybe it was just a discussion and won't need anything else. :) Keeping my fingers crossed!

E and R said...

Having a plan and exhausting all options before IVF is, in a way comforting, at least I know it was for me. Really hope that the whole discussion wasn't necessary and that you will get your miracle this month!

Katie Norman said...

Type A over here says "Yay for a plan!" Options and plans make me feel good (and it sounds like you may feel the same way). I think you're making a good decision :)

Christina said...

I'm so glad that you're exploring all of your options prior to IVF. And YAY for a plan!! That's always a good feeling. It's nice to be able to feel some control in the midst of the chaos that is IF. Though, we do know in the end that it's ultimately the Lord who is in control of it all. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way, and hoping that there is no need to proceed further with your plan at the end of this cycle. :)