Friday, January 28, 2011

Cycle Day 2

I had my baseline ultrasound and estradiol draw this morning. Everything looks great. I have several antral follicles on both sides (currently nothing larger than 5.5mm) and I'm free of cysts! Estradiol came back nice and low at 38, so I start injections tomorrow night. We are taking this first cycle low and slow. My doctor's reasoning was that I have a lot of eggs, I'm young and I usually respond well to medication. I'm starting at 75iu (is that the measurement?) per night and I'll go back next Thursday for another ultrasound and another round of blood work.

After my appointment I headed to the pharmacy and picked up all of my medication. I now have vials of follistim and ovidrel in my refrigerator, needles and a sharps container in my bathroom and a bottle of progesterone suppositories in my drawer. Making a baby looks A LOT different than it did two and half years ago. So much more... what's the word... SEXY. Riiiiiight.


Brandi said...

Ha at least you have all of yours in the bathroom. My counter wasn't large enough so we had all our stuff laid out on the kitchen bar for everyone to see. :) Good luck with the injections!

The Hudack Family said...

Yeah!! I'm glad everything looked good. And making a baby under these terms definitely isn't what I had in mine.

E and R said...

So glad things are off to a good start! Fingers crossed for you!