Monday, January 31, 2011


I am breaking up with Dr. Google.

I'm not sure why I feel the need to consult him (Dr. Google IS a man, right?) on the many ins and outs of infertility and the treatments that go along with it. For example, PCOS patients and injectable meds. Let's just say the two aren't always a match made in heaven when it comes to IUI. Luckily in addition my case being fairly mild, we are starting off pretty slow on the stims.

My less than fruitful encounters with the good doctor have been scary to say the least. It has been story after story of canceled cycles, OHSS or my personal favorite 20 days of stims. Uh, no thank you to all three. The 20 days of stims stresses me out a little considering I've only done two injections and I already have two bruises. Not that I was planning to show off my less than flat belly anytime soon, but it would be nice to be able to wear pants at the end of this without wincing in pain as they are buttoned in the morning. Bruising on top of bloating seems like a really uncomfortable scenario!

I just keep reminding myself daily that this is TOTALLY worth it, and deep down I believe that. Even when those words are said wreaking of sarcasm every once in awhile :)


To Those Who Wait said...

Good luck with your breakup with Dr. Google. I have also broken up with him because he often brings me more negativity than reassurance. But he does find ways to sneak back into my life every once in awhile. He is so manipulative like that ;)

E and R said...

Good luck with your break up - and good choice. I need to do the same as all he does is cause me more stress and worry - because, apparently I don't have enough of that already!
Hope the bruising lessens and that you don't have to do 20 days! Yikes!