Friday, January 14, 2011

Prepare For The Worst, Hope For The Best...

I'm a planner.

I like to have things laid out ahead of time and every possible need recognized. This makes for not a lot of spontaneous-ness in our life, but the majority of the time that is ok with me. One thing I've learned through living this way is, when you prepare for something (i.e rain with jackets or an umbrella) it seems like the absolute opposite happens. Hopefully this theory is playing out currently.

Yesterday I had my injection teaching appointment at our clinic. I learned all about how to put a follistim pen together, dial in my dose and inject it. I was told about the side effects, the possibility of multiple gestations and warned about over exerting myself during stims. I signed consent forms, checked boxes about selective reduction and learned about progesterone suppositories. My prescriptions are ordered and on hold at the pharmacy. They are there, waiting to NOT be picked up.

That is right, I am banking on the fact that now that I am totally at peace about this whole injection thing, I wont need to do it. Call it sticking my head in the sand if you'd like, I am calling it optimism. I'm calling it hope.


amy said...

Girl, positive thinking/feelings produce great things :) :) :) It's kinda hypocritical of me to say, b/c I can be a Debbie Downer about this whole TTC thing!

My hubs always says "expect the worst, hope for the best" so the let down isn't so hard...I agree in our situation! You don't have squat if you don't have HOPE :) Good luuuuuck!!

E and R said...

I am a planner too! (although IF sure has thrown a kink in my planning!)
Really hope you don't have to use your new knowledge about the injections!