Thursday, January 20, 2011

Next Monday...

It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that regardless of the news we receive Monday, we are about to begin a new chapter of this journey. I will either be over the moon excited about a positive pregnancy test, or I will be preparing to start an injectable cycle.

Although I am very hopeful that injectables will not become part of my daily life, I am ready to embrace them if that is what is needed. I know I will be sad if this cycle doesn't produce a pregnancy, but at the same time I am happy that we have a plan in place that is fresh and new. A new protocol feels like another step in the right direction.

We are working on saving for IVF in the event that it ends up being being our next step, and thanks to a tax return we may be ready to explore that option earlier than we had imagined if our next steps aren't successful.

I am feeling hopeful.
I am feeling peaceful.
I am feeling ready for whatever Monday brings.


Brandi said...

Don't give up hope at all! It will happen! It is so nice to know when you have a plan and anything new always sounds promising.

Lindsay said...

I hope the news is great. I hope your Monday post will be elated and exciting. Good luck!