Friday, January 7, 2011

Random Thoughts from CD12...

... I had my mid cycle scan today. I had two follies on the right side that will be ready to trigger on Sunday night.

... Tuesday we have our 'what's next' appointment AND our insemination. My blood pressure should be off the charts.

... My hair is falling out and it is driving me crazy!

... I had my follow up thyroid appointment yesterday and the nurse confided in me about her current struggle to get pregnant.

... I rocked some new socks today for my date with the stirrups and Mr. Wand.

... I hate that when the pharmasist asked if I needed instuction on the trigger shot I had to say, "Nope, I've head it before... several times." Lame!

... I know you will all be praying your little hearts out that this is IT!!


The Hudack Family said...

Yeah for some good follicles. I pray this is the month for you :)

E and R said...

Yay for good follicles! and of course praying for you that this is finally your month!

amy said...

Sounds like a good visit...go follies go!

So...why do you think your hair is falling out?? Mine is tooooo and it's driving me crazy. I'm just thinking it's stress.

Will be praying for you this cycle :)

Anonymous said...

You are in my prayers! Best of luck!
Isn't it amazing how new socks can bring such joy? I love new socks!

Katie Norman said...

I like your new sock idea. For one of my "stir up" appointments I wasn't wearing socks... I just didn't think about it and it was horrible. I felt so naked! Yes, that seems crazy to say when the bottom half of you is covered by a paper sheet, but at least covering my feet gives me some privacy! You may know what my whooha looks like but you have no idea what feet look like! (Too far???) Ha! Anyways, praying... praying... praying!

amy said...

Well, keep me posted on what your doc says about your thyroid (if that's it). Frustrating, I know.

I wasn't sure where to respond to this probably sounds out of context to other people...

Anyways, we aren't totally sure what to do next. I'm pretty certain I would like to do back to back IUI's...probably next cycle. Hubs has an annual baseball tourney every November with his "boyfriends", so he's all about not doing anything in February...however, so sorry, that's not stopping me ;) My age is really starting to bring on the anxiety...I'll be 33 in 4 months and that is making me crazy!

I don't wanna keep talking about myself on your blog! So, I'll be keeping my eye on you as usual ;)