Thursday, December 16, 2010


Well, I'm 5 days into the 12 day wait and I don't have much to report. I still have that weird rash on my stomach and inside of my arms, but I think that came too early to be anything pregnancy related. My only other symptom is the burping. It has been happening a lot, and it is pretty often that it goes a little too far... if you catch my drift. YUCK!

I am pretty calm and relaxed about this cycle. I've been doing my best to focus on each day as it comes and not worry too much about what the future may bring. Once we know the outcome of this cycle we will know better what we want to do going forward.

I have a question for those of you who know about the difference between a clomid/iui and injectable/iui cycle. My doctor had originally suggested us not moving forward with injectables (and iui) and moving straight to IVF, but her main argument for this was that our money would be better spent (higher success rate) on IVF. Here is the thing- if this cycle doesn't work, we will more than likely do one last iui. Our insurance pays for everything but the copay on office visits and a copay for the medications. I know that on injectables I would have more appointments (more $$ on copays) and I would likely pay slightly more for my meds. However, it would be nothing close to the $3-4k she was talking about. What would you do?

If this cycle is a bust, I will speak with the nurse when she calls with my beta results about the difference in success rates. Ultimately if we are looking at the same success from clomid or injectables, I THINK we would just stick with clomid for the ease of it. However, I am more than willing to stick my self in the stomach everyday and make more trips to the clinic if it means our chances are even a tiny bit better! So, give me your advice- knowledge- tips... I want to hear it all!!!


Brandi @ Our Journey said...

Hello!! I will be doing my first IUI the week after Christmas. We are doing clomid + IUI this round but my doctor said adding the injectables gave a higher success rate. My insurance will pay for IUIs but not IVF so if were still not pregnant after a few IUI + Clomid rounds we will add the injectable before moving onto IVF just because its more affordable.

Erin said...

I am sure our situations are different, but my doctor told us that our odds of success with injectables was the same as with Clomid - and for that matter with IVF. However, I have premature ovarian failure, so there may only be 1 good egg left in me, which is why our odds of success between the three options are the same.
I think you should do what you feel is best that way when/if you move on to IVF you will know that you "tried everything" that you could. IF nothing else it can put the question of 'what if' to rest.
Good luck!

Stephanie said...

Hey friend...I'm not expert on this but here is what our RE told us. I've been itching to go from Clomid to injectables because 3 rounds of Clomid haven't produced a sticky pregnancy yet. So as we prepped for IUI#4, I basically pleaded with my RE about leaving Clomid behind and going for something stronger. He told me that he was hesitant to do an injectable IUI on me because I have PCOS and I am young. He cautioned that from u/s I have numerous follies/eggs they just aren't all getting big and mature, but I am responding slightly to Clomid. He is concerned that since I produce so many follies/eggs that if they got the stronger/higher injectable doses they would all mature and it could result in a multiple birth pregnancy. He told me that if increased (up to 150mg this cycle) Clomid doesn't do the trick, he'd want to look into IVF. He also told me that IVF is basically equivalent to 2-3 IUIs and with IVF he can control how many embies he puts inside. Maybe your doc is thinking the same way...

Brandi said...

I've done both and I would suggest possibly going at least one round of injectables with IUI. You tend to produce more follicles with injections which will increase your chances. This will also help to see how your body is going to respond to injections being that is what is used for IVF and you would be familiar with the cycle and timetables. Although the injectables and IUI cycles were unsuccessful for us, we believe it was due to timing. Obviously once we did IVF it worked but we did do 4 rounds of IUI first. To me, I wanted to exhaust all of our options before moving onto IVF to keep from asking later on, 'What if we had done ....'.