Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oddly Therapeutic.

About 2 year ago I began searching for a hobby. I am a substitute teacher that spends most of my time as a stay at home wife. I work only occasionally outside of the home, so I was looking to learn something new. My aunt is a very talented seamstress and offered to teach me a thing or two about how to work the sewing machine I had recently received for Christmas. Much to my surprise, once I learned a few basics I was set and ready to start creating.

When I first started learning to sew we were just about to start trying to get pregnant. I was dreaming of all the sweet things I would be able to start making in just a few short months for the baby that we surely would be expecting in no time. Ha.

Since then, I’ve made a gazillion baby blankets, burp cloths and booties for gifts and I find it oddly therapeutic. I know, it sounds crazy. How would making baby things make being barren any easier? Honestly, I have no idea. Maybe it is because with all of this practice, by the time I am making things for my own little growing babe I will most certainly be a pro. Or perhaps it is because throwing myself completely into the designing and creating process leaves me no time (at least for a few hours) to think about any struggle that doesn’t include thread, rotary cutters or matching fabrics.

I am thankful for the outlet.

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Sara Renee said...

I love sewing! I have yet to make a dang thing for myself though! I bought that book, something beginnings, it's a book that has patterns for baby stuff. I really need to look though it... Maybe like... "if you make it, they will come?"