Friday, December 11, 2009

He is right.

On hard days I always sit back and remember the words my husband said to me one particularly difficult day…

Someday you will be somebody’s Mommy. That doesn’t change the fact that the time between now and then will be hard, it will. It doesn’t matter if our baby is one that we make together or one that finds us. Somewhere there is a baby that needs us just as much as we need it. It will happen. Believe that it will. KNOW that it will. Stop saying maybe, and say YES.

These words make my day, bring tears to my eyes and remind me of all of the reasons that I love him. He is compassionate, loving and he gets me. Even in my most irrational moments he sits quietly and listens to my sobs whispering “someday.”

He is right.

YES, someday!

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