Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From 19 to 33...

Because life is getting pretty boring around here, its time for a photo comparison over that last several weeks- this is what 25 lbs looks like is slow motion!
19 weeks & 5lbs

20 weeks & 7lbs

22 weeks & 13 lbs
uh, two weeks and 6lbs... impressive!

24 weeks & 18 lbs
followed by two weeks and another 5lbs... that's 11 lbs in 4 weeks!

25 weeks & 19 lbs

27 weeks & 19 lbs

29 weeks & 18.5 lbs

30 weeks & 20.5 lbs

31 weeks & 21 lbs

32 weeks & 25 lbs
4lbs in ONE WEEK!

33 weeks & 25 lbs.
... dark colors really are more slimming :)

So, clearly the three of us did some serious growing between weeks 20 and 24 and then again between week 31 and 32. I saw some family last week and they both agreed that I don't look nearly as huge as they had expected at this point-- I feel plenty big, but then again I guess I don't have a singleton pregnancy to compare it to.

In other news this week is a busy one on the baby front.. Today we go tour the pediatric clinic that we've chosen, tomorrow I have a thyroid appointment to make sure my levels continue to be normal at the end of this pregnancy and Thursday we have a much anticipated ultrasound (after 6.5 LOOOONG weeks!) and OB appointment. Then comes the weekend and a few more baby tasks to be completed. Hubs and I both get a little anxious when we start thinking about the very real possibility of each weekend being our last- its time to squeeze as much as we possibly can into every free moment of just the two of us. We are both beyond excited to meet our boys, but as we keep saying- life will never ever be the same!!!

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Stephanie said...

Aww, I thought back to my own pregnancy while reading this and the excitement each week brings. You look absolutely amazing! Enjoy all the activities you have planned this next week!