Monday, July 9, 2012

33 weeks

How Far Along: 33 weeks... most likely 5 weeks or less!
How Big are the Babies? They are each about the size of a pineapple- likely somewhere around 4 lbs.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Same as last week- I'm up 25 lbs since retrieval.
Maternity Clothes: Most of the time, though I've actually worn a lot of non-maternity in the last week. I'm quickly realizing that not wearing maternity clothing is making me VERY sore. This heavy twin belly needs some support- so this week I'll need to wear something more supportive than yoga pants I guess, BOO! 
Movement: They are moving all the time, and are waking each other up with their movements more and more  lately. 
Belly button in or out? In-ish and numb! 
What I miss: I think the only thing I'm really missing is good comfortable sleep. That, and not needing to get up at night to use the bathroom-- but I can't complain about that one too much because it is just starting now. 
Milestones: Over the weekend we started getting all of our bags packed for the hospital!
Food Cravings: Chocolate milk. All.The.Time. 
Aversions: Eggs..... I'm just totally avoiding them at this point. I don't even try anymore.
Symptoms:  Exhaustion, very tightly stretched sore belly skin, numb belly button, leg cramps, lots of pelvic pain and lots of general soreness.
Best Moment this week: After an EXTREMELY painful and wakeful night of 'sleep' on Friday night I woke up to an empty bed. When I went looking for Hubs I found him sleeping on the floor in the nursery. When asked why he didn't come to bed, he said he didn't want to make my sleep any worse because he knew I was in a lot of pain. When asked why he didn't sleep on our very comfy couch or the bed in the office/guest room, he said he missed the boys and if he couldn't sleep in bed with us, their nursery was the next best thing. So stinking sweet! 

Funny Moment: Being half asleep during a surprisingly long nighttime bathroom trip and momentarily questioning if my water was breaking, but then realizing I had just drank A LOT of water the day before. I also caught a glimpse of my shadow this last weekend as Hubs and I were wandering through a park.... I'm not sure why it surprised me so much, but that big round belly made me incredibly happy. 
Tip of the Week: Drink a lot of water, get a good amount of rest and put some sunscreen on when your outside for long periods of time- you are MUCH more sun sensitive while pregnant. 
What I'm looking forward to: Our ultrasound on THURSDAY!! I cannot wait to see these boys, 6 weeks and 2 days is WAAAAAY too long!!!

I don't have a new picture this morning... perhaps a photo comparison will come later this week :)


JM said...

1. You and your 25lbs can suck it. Seriously? You sure there are two in there? :)
2. I keep imagining the boys with giant pineapple afro's now.

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, your husband sleeping in the nursery is so sweet! And I can't believe you've only gained 25 pounds too, I gained that with one baby! Way to go mama!

E and R said...

I agree with these ladies! congrats on only gaining 25 lbs...I think I gained that in water alone!

MaryMargaret said...

It's getting close! I hear you on the sore belly- I hate to break down and send money on a support belt, but this weight is killing me. And I'm seriously in love with my yoga pants. :(

Anonymous said...

I gained close to 70 pounds- so well done with that. I agree with E&R, I think I gained 25 pounds in water weight alone, my feet were like sausages!
Sounds like you are doing marvelous- I can't believe you only have a few more weeks to go!!!!! SO excited for you!