Monday, July 23, 2012

35 weeks

How Far Along: 35 weeks... most likely 3 weeks or less!
How Big are the Babies? They are each about the size of a coconut. I'd estimate they are somewhere between 5 1/2 and 6 pounds each. 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm up 31-ish pounds since retrieval. 
Maternity Clothes: I'm still wearing a little of both. Most pants are maternity, but I can still get away with a few non-maternity tops surprisingly enough. 
Movement: Baby B is one busy boy! His brother is a mover too, but I think he is probably feeling a little more 'stuck'.
Belly button in or out? it continues to get more and more weird with each passing week- still in-ish
What I miss: I can't complain too much, I've carried twins to 35 weeks and have not yet had a single scary complication. I am sore and tired, but mostly I'm just happy. I know soon I'm going to miss being pregnant and feeling their every squirm.
Milestones: 35 weeks/35 days... though this does not apply to me at all. We made the decision to have a c-section unless I go into labor on my own and arrive at the hospital ready to push. Finding out that I'm starting to dilate and am about 80% effaced- things are slowly starting to happen! My first actual contractions on Sunday- not remotely time-able or even very painful. 
Food Cravings: Bagels and cream cheese, s'mores, shaved ice and fresh fruit.
Aversions: Eggs..... I'm just totally avoiding them at this point. I don't even try anymore.
Symptoms:  Exhaustion, very tightly stretched sore belly skin, numb belly button, leg cramps, lots of pelvic pain, lots of general soreness, excessively dry skin and Braxton hicks/ contractions.
Best Moment this week: Hearing that Hubs' poison oak really shouldn't be an issue in terms of holding the boys and being in the delivery room. He got a steroid injection anyway in hopes of clearing it up quickly.

Funny Moment: Realizing how much chocolate milk I've drank during my pregnancy. We are wishing we had been keeping track of how many bottles of chocolate syrup we've gone through... I'm guessing at least 10- possibly the source of every single one of those 31 pounds! 
Tip of the Week: Rest. Put your feet up and drink something. Most of all just know your limits and listen to your body!
What I'm looking forward to: My next Dr. appointment this Friday and seeing if there has been any change. But most of all.... MEETING MY BOYS very, very soon! :)

I have a new picture today for your viewing pleasure. I decided to add a picture from 5 weeks ago when I wore the same tank top for my weekly photo. 
30 weeks
Notice the seams on both tank tops on the top picture seem to match up.... not so much on the one below.
Also, on the top photo I'm covering part of the light switch with my chest and still have a decent amount of space between my belly and the white door jam at the very edge of the picture compared to the lower picture. 
35 weeks


E and R said...

Looking good mama!!! You are SO close!

Anonymous said...

you look absolutely fabulous!