Thursday, July 12, 2012

33w 3d Ultrasound...

I'm not sure how to describe our babies on the ultrasound screen today.... perhaps the best description would be a ten pound bag of baby parts. Yeah, ten pounds.

Both babies are looking great to anyone with a trained enough eye to pick out which parts belong to which baby, Hubs and I just stared at the screen wondering what the heck was going on! It appears that the boys are stacked in there which makes it nearly impossible to get a decent look at baby B. The tech managed to get enough measurements to estimate the size of the boys and they are both measuring very close to the 50th percentile with only a 6% variance between them. This is all great news and exactly where we'd like them to be. 

Otherwise, everything looks great. My blood pressure and urine were both fine today and I continue to escape the swelling extremities that seem to plague pregnant women at this point, especially during the summer. 

So, until next week I just keep doing what I'm doing.... growing two baby boys!!!


caitlin said...

Yay!!! Those little boys are going to come out just perfect and well baked - coming up quick!

MaryMargaret said...

It's insane to watch ultrasounds at this stage! I am amazed that the techs can figure out what they are seeing with two babies jammed up together. It sounds like your little guys are doing great- what big boys!