Friday, July 27, 2012

35w 4d appointment...

Another week, another appointment.

I don't have much to report- weight gain is OK- no protein in my urine- and my blood pressure is back within totally normal range. My hands and feet and starting to see a little swelling and I'm not sure I'll make it to delivery still wearing my wedding ring, but I'm going to try my best!

I'm having a few braxton hicks here and there, but not many. I always question if they are really braxton hicks or if I am just trying to down play an actual contraction- either way, they never stick around long enough to be timed, and they are never painful enough to feel concerned.

We're down to 19 sleeps or less! I cannot even begin to tell you how sore and ready I am. Of course letting these boys grow and cook as long as possible is important to me, but when you are carrying twins EVERYTHING starts to hurt at this point! I am thrilled I've been able to carry them as long as I have. My goal from the start was 36 weeks- only two more days to go! 37 would be ideal since that is considered full term, and making it all the way to my c-section at 38w2d would be icing on the cake.

The doctor took a quick peek at the boys today with a bedside ultrasound and after moving a ton and a large dose of ultrasound gel she was able to find two heartbeats among the pile of moving baby parts. She also said she could see them in there practicing their breathing which is great news.

We're getting all of the final things in place over the weekend just in case they decide to come sooner rather than later. My mom drove a couple hours to come help me clean 1/2 of my house this week and will be back early next week to help me finish the other half- such a HUGE blessing. I know it would have taken me about 4 days to accomplish what we did in the first day! It will be so nice to come home to a fully cleaned house after being in the hospital!

I'm still surprised that I've made it this far and continue to remain healthy. As I left today, the doctor said 'get outta here! Keep doing what you're doing and have another boring week until we see you again!'

I'll do my best :)


Anonymous said...

Great job- you are in the home stretch. So glad to hear that all is going well, your body is doing an awesome job!

L said...

My doctor always said that a 'boring' pregnancy is the best kind :)