Monday, August 2, 2010

I lived to tell about it...

My husband and I moved to a small town almost a year ago. And although I am quick to tell people how much I love living in our little town because it is so quiet, I hadn't really thought through all of the implications small town living has on one's life.

My husband and I pretty much keep to ourselves. We know a few people living in our area, but for the most part, most of our socializing takes place outside of our community. We can almost always go grocery shopping without seeing a single person that we know, and to be honest, I like it that way. I don't want to be snaking through the grocery store while I'm trying to by a pregnancy test (ha, like I need one) or ovulation kits. I guess what I am trying to get at here is, we are becoming or may in the future become "small town folk." Lord help us.

The reason for this revelation is, none other than my much toiled over doctor's appointment on Monday. As I said in my previous post it was a simple establishing appointment with my new PCP (primary care physician.) I am a HUGE worry wart, and absolutely HATE going to the doctor so I was stressed to the max when I arrived at the office. After all, going to the doctor rates super high on my top ten list of things I hate doing. However, people watching is just as high on my list of things I LOVE doing, so soon after I walked through the door of the doctor's office my luck changed....

First of all, can we all agree that as a generalization (which is totally unfair,I get that- don't leave me any mean comments!) "small town folk" as whole are not necessarily super fashion savvy? Good, moving on. Picture this...

A women, probably in her mid fifties wearing black leggings that were about three sizes too small (you know, nice and see through) with a...... wait for it... CROP TOP. Awesome. Don't worry the fun doesn't stop there. Shortly after I get all checked in and take my seat in a waiting room smaller than my master bathroom, her father (my dad would kill me if I wore that outfit no matter how old and senile he was) decides that he needs to use the restroom. Being the kind daughter that she was, she accompanied him. Ready for the best part of this story? When she got up to follow daddy dearest to the toilet I looked up only to notice that not only was she wearing the leggings described above, but she was sporting hot pink underoos with them. But wait it gets better, they had some sparkly word plastered across the butt. Unfortunately, I had to avert my eyes at that point, in fear I may forever be blind after what I had just witnessed so I am unable to report what her rear-end billboard was advertising. My best guess is something along the lines of FLIRT, PLAYER, or BOOTYLICIOUS.

So not only was this woman winning outfit of the year, but she also knew EVERY person that stepped foot into the office while I was in the waiting room. Everyone knew way too much about each other for my comfort level. I like having a private life and not having the whole world know my business. Ironic, right? Are you thinking...."this chick is nuts, she talks about her freaking vagina on a public blog"? Ok, good I was thinking the same thing, at least we are on the same page :)

On a more serious note, I did make it through the appointment. I ended up seeing the physician's assistant in the practice who was a young female and super nice. She agreed that it was probably time to move onto seeing an RE, but wanted to run some blood work and a urine analysis first. She is rechecking my thyroid and seeing if there is are any insulin resistance issues to rule out both hypothyroidism and PCOS. As well as just doing a few baseline tests because I am new to the practice. If there are any red flags that come back with the blood work, she will treat me for them and we can see if it changes my fertility at all. If everything comes back normal she will send me on to the RE right away. I felt good about the appointment and am feeling more and more ready to really take the steps that I think are ahead of me!!

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