Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Answer?

The possibility thrills me.

I had some blood work done last week, and it appears that my TSH (thyroid) is off. I don't know what my levels were, but I've got an appointment tomorrow to figure out treatment and hopefully set up a re-test date! Although I would rather not take medicine for this issue for the rest of my life, I will GLADLY do it if this could be the missing piece of the puzzle!

All of my other labs came back normal, so no insulin resistance, anemia or high cholesterol. All good things for baby making :) So, even though the results are not optimal it is a good feeling to possibly have a REASON for all of this. FINALLY!

Anyone else hypo? What meds are you on?

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Kim said...

I am hypo and on Synthroid. My doctor just switched me to a compounded T4/T3 which I have yet to pick up from the pharmacy. I will let you know how that goes. I have no issues with Synthroid except that I still have hypo spmtoms (cold hand & feet / hair falling out / low- no sex drive).