Friday, August 13, 2010


You know what's awesome? Having the nurse from your doctor's office badger you into making an appointment with a RE.

I guess in reality it is pretty much the only way it was going to happen in a timely manner, but seriously TWO voice mails in one day? I know she probably just wants to process all of the referral information as quickly as possible while it is all fresh in her mind, but I don't know if she realizes that she is dealing with the most doctor-phobic person alive! Perhaps my blood pressure reading at the office this week should've tipped her off!

So, in an effort to please nurse lady, Monday I'll be making the call. Or Tuesday... maybe Wednesday :)


Bobbi said...

You better get over your fear of doctors. Because once you're pregers, you'll be seeing them a lot!!! :)

P.S. Where do you live in Oregon? When we move back up, we'll probably live in the Portland Metro area. We had lived in Beaverton for about 2 years.

jrs said...

sorry to hear about your doctor phobia. hope you are able to make the appt. that is great to hear that you might have some direction and answers as to what is going on though.