Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What do you do?

The boys are almost one, and I am finally feeling like I can make some commitments and plan to do some things on a weekly/monthly basis. Hubs and I have lived in this general metro area for about 7 years, and while we have a few friends, very few of them have small children, and those who do, don't stay home with them. So, I don't have play dates (does anyone else despise that term?) on the calendar and really we spend most of our days alone at home. It is fine, the boys have a built in playmate, but I'm ready to get out some more. 

I've been looking into some options, and I'm interested to know what you've done with your kiddos. Right now a few options I'm looking at are...
  • Joining MOPS
  • Getting back to the gym and leaving the boys in childcare
  • Going to a community playgroup co-op
  • Braving story time at the library
  • Joining the multiples club in our area
I know getting out will be good for all three of us, but I am not the best at meeting new people. We are also currently looking for a church, so maybe that will drag up some more opportunities. 

So tell me, what have you done to get out of the house with your kids? Did you love it, hate it, wish you'd done it sooner?!?!?


Stephanie Johnson said...

Joining a local club is a great idea! Through a group that we're a part of, we have met several families. We have big organized group play dates as well as smaller play dates with just one or two families at a time. We also go to story time at the library once/week. This fall, I'm hoping to do a Bible study at church, and Caleb will get to play in the nursery with other kids.

Stephanie said...

Hey momma :) When I started staying home in January I knew I had to do something or Carter and I would become hermits. I'm such an introvert! We started by going to storytime at the library. Here is my 2 cents on that. We adore the one we found. We go every week and the leader/teacher/librarian lady is awesome and does great with the babies roaming around and having fun. However, we've gone to others that aren't as great. If you try 1 library and it isn't fabulous, try another. After Rett got here and I was ready to go out with the 2, we tried parks and playgrounds, but then it got hot and we really weren't meeting anyone at those places. We signed up for MyGym in mid June. I'm assuming its very much like Gymboree and Little Gym. We got 2-3 times a week and see the same parents and kids. Carter has a great time, he gets to socialize and I get to interact with adults. It hasn't brought about any outside playdates, but I'm hopeful it may eventually! Finally, I found a mom group in town that sets up toddler playdates. Just today, I met up with another momma and her little girl for a trip to our local science museum. I've also looked into MOPS once fall gets here, but I haven't decided about that yet. Rick's home with us Friday - Sunday and with MyGym on Mondays and Wednesday and Fridays and storytime on Thursdays, I like my free Tuesday to stay home if I want to :)

Stephanie said...

I also REALLY want to join a gym for me and leave the kids at the childcare center, but I feel like Rett's still too little and off a schedule for that yet.

And overall I love getting out of the house. I wish it was easier to meet mommy friends, but alas it isn't always that way, but Carter at least gets to socialize and have fun with new people and learn how to be around other littles :)