Monday, July 15, 2013

Eleven Months...

Holy cow I can't believe this is the last monthly post I'll make before my sweet, tiny 6lb 5oz and 7lb 11oz babies are ONE! The time has flown by and in a blink of an eye here we are eleven months into parenthood- nothing is sweeter. When I think of my former self one year ago, I'm thankful today on this warm summer day, my babies are on the outside, cooling off in a tiny baby pool instead of inside my belly! Those were some pretty uncomfortably warm days last summer :)

On to the update...

  • This month the boys went on their first hotel vacation. A was a sleeping champ, H... not so much. It wasn't totally horrible, but it wasn't the best sleep I've had in my life! Days were great on our trip, so those made up (mostly) for rather sleepless nights. In H's defense he was working on about 4 teeth at once!
  • Speaking of teeth A currently has 6 and H has 7, and is working on number 8.
  • Both can crawl FAST. They both have started pulling up to stand and are cruising around the baby gate in their play area. I've caught H once standing withing holding on.
  • They are getting to be better and better eaters, but still would rather be fed. They have three meals per days and usually one snack of puffs or cheerios and some water in a sippy cup. The sippy cup is still sort of an elusive skill even though we have nearly every option on the market. 
  • This month we got a new stroller and we LOVE it. If other twin mamas are wondering, we decided on the Ci.ty Mini Doub.le GT after A LOT of research. It works great and we have yet to find a doorway we can't get through!
  • Also new this month are convertible carseats! I was really worried about this transition, but so far so good... fingers crossed! We went with Ch.icco Nex.tfits for the boys and like them a lot. They actually allowed us to gain some legroom in the front seat from our snug.ride 30s!!! That was a BIG win! And, it took more time to remove the infant seat bases than it did to install the new seats- they are incredibly user friendly!
  • A continues to take reflux medication, but in the last week we've started only giving it to him at night. It seems to be fine- he is spitting up much less often these days. When the doctor told us he'd likely out grow it at around a year I didn't really believe her... turns out she may have be right-- thank goodness!
  • H learned to clap this month and it was often accompanied by something that sounds a lot like yay! I assume because that is what we often are saying when we clap for them. 
  • Both A and H wave every once in awhile it is certainly not a mastered skill, but it is really stinking cute when they do it.   
  • We left the boys with my parents for only the second time this month. This was the first time we went out alone since having the boys. We went to a nice fondue dinner for my birthday. (remember the great met.formin debate? yeah, not a good mix with fondue!)
  • This month we celebrated the boy's first 4th of July and Father's day! We spent the 4th with family and we did many things for father's day including the boys' first MLS soccer match (they both napped through some intense noise with their ear protection on!) went to the beach and wandered through a car show. 
  • Their favorite toys are currently things that light up or make noise... they have the most annoying fire truck that I bought at a multiples consignment sale for really cheap that they are obsessed with. I turn off the sound all the time, but unfortunately, the little buggers have gotten smart and have figured out how to turn it back on!
  • We're down to three bottles per day and it makes my life SO MUCH easier! They take three 7oz bottles between meals- mid morning, mid afternoon and bedtime!
  • As much as I wish they did not, they LOVE TV. Mickey is their favorite, but Jake is a close second.
  • They are both still in size 3 diapers during the day and a size 4 overnight. They wear mostly 9 month clothes with many 6 month things mixed in especially tops and shorts for A. A even wears a few 3month summer things. H wears some 12month jammies because he is getting so tall. 
  • H is a serious offender when it comes to pacifier stealing. It makes me excited to be done with them because it is a fight often. We'd love to be done with them all together, but I think the first transition is going to be only in their cribs or carseats. 
  • A has a serious love of all things cozy. He LOVES a blanky (nothing specific) or even a burp cloth will do. He will often clam down and fall asleep as soon as you have him a burp cloth and his lollie. 
  • A has had some issues with mild diaper rash since we've become more adventurous with food. We've become more relaxed about the 'one new thing per couple of days' thing so it makes it difficult to know what exactly is causing it. But I think the last two times it has been berries. I don't think he is allergic more intolerant, I'm just not sure he is ready for them. Weird though, because strawberries are fine.. it is just darker berried and raspberries. Maybe too acidic for him yet?
  • We went to our first splash park.... they LOVED it. The water was pretty darn cold, but they still had a lot of fun! We will for sure do that again soon. 

I'm sure there are many more things to remember, but this will have to do! I'm nursing a very sore back (post to come soon on that one!) and have a million things to catch up on!


Stephanie said...

I can't believe they're almost a year!! Why does time go so fast!?! And have to agree 100% we adore our City Mini GT Double for the boys! Hefty price tag but oh so worth it! My only complaint is I wish there was easier access to under carriage storage when kids are in seats :)

millionbabysteps said...

look at those gorgeous boys! Can't believe they are almost one! I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by.

Kelli said...

Your boys are just too sweet!! Love the shades! Time flies!!! Hugs!

Jules said...

The photos from the splash park are awesome!! I need to find me one of those! So glad to hear they are growing fast and prospering!