Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Well, That is Embarrassing!

So, for weeks I was reading blogs urging people to swap blog readers because google.reader was going to be no more. I kept thinking- gosh google.reader must be great if so many people use it-- Hmmm, I guess I missed the boat on that one. Imagine both my surprise and embarrassment when one morning I clicked on my blog reading app on my phone and... oh weird, there is nothing there. Turns out I'd been using it for the last couple of years to read blogs on my phone. Its ok, call me an idiot, I totally felt like one in that moment. I then downloaded blog.lovin' and it seems to be working ok so far, but I'm pretty sure when I try to leave a comment on a blog from my phone it isn't working so I'll need to get that figured out.

Second funny for the day-- I was just getting blog.lovin a little more organized and I had a bit of a slip and nearly added THIS blog to my pregnant and parenting group... perhaps my subconscious is onto something-- either way, it gave me a good laugh!

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Stephanie said...

That is funny! I use BL on my phone and I have to open post in Safari and be sure Im logged in to comment. I don't know if that right or wrong but what Ive found for me to comment. And I wish I was pregnant and parenting. I got the parenting part down, just need the pregnant part again ;) Hopefully sooner than later!