Thursday, August 1, 2013

Any Ideas?

1. Sippy cups.... the boys are not good at them. I give them a sippy cup with water each day (ok, most days) in addition to their three bottles and three meals- usually they end up being banged on the tray and everyone ends up a little more wet than I'd planned. It isn't for lack of trying though- I think we have six different types of cups. If you have a favorite let me know!

2. Nighttime waking.... I am willing to admit we've done VERY little in terms of sleep training. We've broken a lot of 'rules' and I'm not really sorry about any of it. I've loved having my babies in bed with me from time to time, but we are reaching a point where H is finding his way into our bed early every morning. I'd like to fix this, but the boys do share a room, so letting him fuss/cry it out isn't really an option. When he gets picked up and brought to our room he is usually either asleep before he gets to our room, or shortly after he gets into our bed. Occasionally we do rock him in his room and put him back down once he falls asleep, but to be honest, we are too tired for that most of the time! Last night I tried not bringing him to our bed... I got up to rock him every two hours and he required a bottle to go to sleep the final time.

3. Diapers... my boys have always been more on the side of constipated than the other direction. In the recent weeks we've had some issues in that department that we haven't been used to. I can count on both hands how many times we've had to change an outfit because of poop in the last year between TWO babies... I'd say half of those have been in the last month. I don't think it has anything to do with the diapers we are using- it has to do with the poo... which I have to assume is due to the food. I fed the boys the BRAT diet for a few days and it seemed to get a little better, but then I introduced oatmeal again and this morning A wished me a happy anniversary with a full diaper and poo up his back-- gross! Could it just be a yucky stomach that needs to heal, or are our oatmeal days numbered?

4. Birthdays.... its almost the boys' first birthday and I have no idea what to get them. We just spent $800 on car seats and a new stroller, so maybe that is gift enough! What did you do for a first birthday gift, or did you skip it because they have no idea and your family spoiled your kiddo rotten anyway?!?!

5. Pacifiers... We had every intention (a year ago, and maybe even 6 months ago) to take away the lollies when the boys turned one. I'm just not sure they are ready... and I'm even more sure I am not ready! But, our doctor has told us time and time again that it is in the end easier for them the younger they are-- less attached and all that jazz. Ideas? Bottles will be happening shortly too (after we master the sippy) so if you have tips on that one I'll gladly take those too!


Shannon said...

Have you tried the transition sippy cups? We use A.vent bottles and they make transition sippy cups for ages four months plus. Those really helped and our monkeys (now 7.5 mos) love using sippy cups!

Stephanie said...

So sippy cups. Carter used Nuk bottles and like Shannon mentioned above, Nuk too makes a training sippy. We moved him to that around 8 months and he quickly was in a sippy cup by 10 months and on straw cups by a year. That's all he has now is a straw cup. Something else we did was put his formula in a sippy. Our Ped suggested it, since they don't have to drink milk/formula from a bottle. Carter rarely had water from a cup regularly until he was closer to a year.

Wish I could help on the sleep thing. We got lucky with Carter but are learning Rett won't be as easy!

Diapers, again no real help there. Since C started solid food he has always had looser stools.

Birthday. We didnt give him anything. He didnt know. At his party there wasn't even time to open gifts. We also didnt give him anything for his first Christmas. He'll have some stuff from Santa this year that we found during yard sale season but that's it and honestly he probably won't get bday gifts from us for year 2 either. We spoil him a lot during the year with treats here and there that we see and think he'd enjoy in the present. Until he's old enough to realize and know its a special day we probably won't buy gifts. Maybe at age 3 he'll get it more.

And pacis, C never used one. So I can't help ya out. I know Ped said break habit early but if y'all aren't ready don't feel pushed. I think the whole Paci Fairy who comes and takes them is a cute idea but boys would need to be old enough to comprehend.

Good luck momma!!