Monday, August 26, 2013

12 months... one whole year!

I still can't believe it has been an entire year. Here is the run down of what the boys are up to these days...

  • Both boys are clapping-- I cant remember if I said at 11 months that H was clapping, but now we have two little clappers. Whenever they hear clapping they start in. Also, if they hear YAY! they start clapping-- so stinking cute!
  • A is walking behind push toys, and while H can also do it, he is much less interested. The kid can crawl so fast he doesn't care about walking!
  • New food loves-- grilled cheese, banana or blueberry pancakes, french toast, applesauce, peaches preferably the whole piece of fruit, every once in awhile they will eat a little deli turkey or chunks of chicken.... uh, carb lovers?
  • Both are obsessed with the fountain park. We have taken them a few times and each time they are more fearless with the water. Not to mention how stinking cute they are in those little swim suits :)
  • We joined MOPs. There hasn't been a meeting yet, but we are members.
  • H stands on his own for decent periods of time now and looks pretty proud of himself while he is doing it! A has started the same in the last few days, but for much shorter periods of time.
  • Both boys got their first haircut at about 11.5 months- talk about looking waaay more grown up in a matter of minutes!
  • H is pretty solidly wearing 12 month clothing with many 9m things mixed in. He still wears some 6m shorts because his waist is pretty tiny. A is wearing things ranging from 6-9m with some 12m jammies mixed in. 
  • Both boys are in size 3 diapers and size 4 overnights-- I think both will be able to move up after the box that arrived on our doorstep this morning. --ps, diaper delivery is amazing!
  • H LOVES anything with wheels. At home it is cars when we're out it is strollers and anything else with wheels. When he sits in the shopping cart at costco he loves to hang himself out over the side to watch the wheels. 
  • A likes toys he can walk behind, a ride around the back yard on a blanket, and anything resembling a blankie- clothes, sheets, he isn't too picky.
  • Their favorite song is Wheels on the Bus and a close second is I'll Love You Forever. 
  • Both are starting to wave, but it is not even close to mastery yet. 
  • They are getting so much better at napping. They'll either play in their cribs talking for a little while, or sometimes just roll right over and go to sleep when I lay them down (still twice per day). I just wish this was the case at night. We're still rocking them to sleep most nights, and H is still waking up at night to be rocked some more most nights. 
  • They are eating 3 meals per day along with 3 bottles (sippy cups are still a problem). Until we start milk soon, they are getting somewhere between 18-21oz of formula per day. Some days they have a snack in the afternoon, but not very often because they are pretty big eaters at meal times. 
  • The boys received a lot of new toys for their birthday-- and seem to be really enjoying most of them. 
  • They both say Mama and Dada, but they are not always directed at us, so I'm not entirely sure it counts.
  • At their well baby appointment last week:
    • H: Weight 21 lbs 12.8oz (33%) Height 30 3/4" (78%) Head 48cm (89%)
    • A: Weight 21 lbs 10.2oz (31%) Height 29 3/4" (48%) Head 47.5cm (80%                     So, in summary, they are a little on the skinny side, H is tall-ish and A is average in height... and their heads are on the large side. In terms of meeting milestones all of the physical milestones are being met, but the boys a little 'behind' in terms of speech. Hubs and I aren't overly concerned and neither was our ped. she finds that twins have a slightly delayed speech pattern and was all for waiting until their 15m or 18m well visit before we worry too much. IF they are still running a little behind we will be referred to an early intervention clinic and be evaluated for speech. They also had their shots, which made them VERY VERY angry this time. This time it was Hep A, MMR, Chickenpox and Pneumococcal.
Since this is already super late, I think I'll stop there. Hopefully I'll have photos from their party uploaded soon so I can share the details!
Enjoying a little birthday cake!
Don't mind the red mark on A's face, we let him try a rib and the rub/sauce irritated his skin a little.


Jessica said...

Do the boys have a touch of red hair? Both of my girls do and it's the cutest thing!!! Happy firt year to you and the boys!! Aren't twins the greatest?!?

Kelli said...

yay....happiest (belated!) birthday wishes to your cute boys!!! ooh...grilled cheese sounds yummy right now!

House of Duffy said...

What sweet boys! I love seeing them! Take care!