Thursday, April 18, 2013

Met.formin Round Two...

I went in Saturday morning to have my blood levels tested as a preliminary assessment for the met.formin therapy I've been considering. It appears that met.formin is certainly an option and shouldn't have my levels swinging too far in the wrong direction provided it is taken correctly. For my own record- my fasting level was exactly the same as it was 2010, just a couple points above the 'normal' range, and far from the diabetic range.

I've decided to give it a try with the thought that I don't have to continue taking it if at some point it just doesn't feel right anymore. I do have a few PCOS-esque symptoms floating around and I'd love to nip them now rather than try to reverse things later when we are ready for an FET. Since I'm not trying to get pregnant, and I'm not hugely IR my doctor suggested cautiously treating. I'm starting with 500 mg once a day and then once I'm ready I've move to twice a day and remain there.

I've been here before. I took met.formin for about a year and a half while we were going through treatments with our RE (500mg 3x/day) and while the stomach upset did bother me at first, it completely corrected some of my poor eating habits- which isn't a horrible side effect! After the first bit on the medication the side effects started to dwindle (partially because I'd realized what I COULD NOT eat) and the PCOS symptoms did the same. You wont hear me complaining if it also causes me to lose weight like the last time- nothing wrong with that! I'm hopeful met.formin will be helpful in getting/staying healthy and ready to carry another baby once the time is right.

I'll be continuing to take a combination birth control pill until we are ready to try again. In our estimation that is likely a couple years down the road still. I'm fairly certain my thoughts on the matter will change several times between now and then, but right now I'm thinking I'll be ready to try again sometime around the boys' third birthday. Though, if I know myself, it will be hard for me not to want to try closer to their second birthday :)

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Jules said...

That decreased appetite is certainly a nice side effect! I hope the medication treats you well as it has in the past!