Monday, April 15, 2013

Eight Months!

Time is still flying by, and the boys are growing like crazy. Each day we are on to new things and as much as I LOVE it, I know it means they are growing up and it hurts my mama heart just a little :)

This month we had several firsts--

  • We went to the beach for the first time- it was cold and almost rainy so we quickly took a few photos and went back to the beach house. The boys have not yet actually touched sand. 
  • H started sitting unassisted consistently and about 3 weeks later A is following suit!
  • Both boys have learned rolling is a way from here to there and both continue to scoot backwards on their bellies CONSTANTLY. 
  • A loves to lay on his belly with his legs under the couch. 
  • We went to our first baby shower that wasn't for us!
  • The boys stayed with my parents for the first time while Mommy and Daddy went to dinner and dessert without them-- I realized two hours away from them was LONG ENOUGH!
  • The boys had their first bath in the kitchen sink! We used one of the bathtub ring/chairs suctioned down in the sink- they LOVED it!
  • We put them down in the grass for the first time-- A didn't see what all the fuss was about, H scrunched his face and wasn't sure at first, but then was more than willing to wrestle with his brother a little. 
  • The first very real, unprompted kiss. H was laying on the floor with his lollie in his mouth A scooted over and studied him for probably 2 minutes, reached over grabbed his lollie out of his mouth, kissed him right on the mouth (open mouth and all!), replaced his lollie and went about his business. Meanwhile I was a complete pile of mush at the sweetness I had just observed! 
  • We celebrated their first Easter with baskets of goodies before church. H slept through church and A spent most of the service spitting up on me- motherhood :)
  • They had their first taste of much thicker cereal and we are not looking back-- feeding time is significantly less messy.
  • We took the boys out for cart food for the first time. It was pouring down rain, but what else would we expect in the NW!
  • H got his first and second tooth! (For my own record : bottom R 3/25/13, bottom L 4/3/13)
  • A got his first tooth- perhaps that isn't quite true, his first tooth has broken the surface (bottom R 4/8/13)
  • We let the boys suck on (while we held it) a slice of apple. H wasn't sure about the flavor, but loved sinking his teeth into it. A just drooled all over it and made a sour face. 
  • Both seem very close to crawling, but we'll see!
At the beginning of the month the boys were eating two large-ish solid meals per day along with 4-5 bottles of formula. We've since moved to three meals most days all smaller than before and it seems to be working out for everyone. I try to feed them in their highchairs at least once per day, otherwise they sit in the bumbo or if we are on the go they eat a pouch of food right in their carseats-- those pouches of food are amazing. In addition to solid meals they are also having 3 6oz bottles and one 7oz bottle daily.

Otherwise, things are moving right along. One of our favorite things right now is putting them into their saucers to play for a bit while we eat, watch a show on tv, or tackle any other project. They turn toward each other and scream and laugh. I know I've said it before, but I LOVE how special their bond is. They are quick to worry about/comfort the other when he is upset and it warms my heart every.single.time.

A had to make a trip to the doctor this month for a reflux checkup. He had started throwing up more again and we were curious if he needed his dose increased. That coupled with the fact that he wasn't yet  sitting and often spitting up when he was put into that position to practice made us think his reflux/tummy trouble might be causing some delay in sitting because of discomfort. Even while spitting up what seems like CONSTANTLY the kiddo had still gained weight and is moving closer and closer to the average growth curve. He still remains on the tiny side in just the 14th percentile for weight, but that is a huge leap from the 4th just two months ago-- we must be doing something right! We increased his dose as he was no longer in the therapeutic range with his weight increase, so hopefully that will help the spitting up and make him feel better overall!

Another month has come and gone and I expect the next few will be much the same, especially with summer on the way. We are loving our little family of four and have such content hearts... FINALLY! It feels so good to be at a place in our lives where we can just live and be happy. I wonder once in awhile about the possibility of another baby someday, but for the moment I am so incredibly happy where we are.


Janet said...

I'm happy to hear that everything is going so well and wow...could those boys be any cuter!!

E and R said...

So much fun! They are gorgeous!

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Your boys are so gorgeous! How many fun firsts you are enjoying. That is wonderful.