Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nine Months...

  • A's second tooth- bottom left broke the surface (4/17/13)
  • Both of the boys have two top teeth that have broken the surface. Those gums are super puffy! Thankfully, both boys are in fairly good spirits. Teething doesn't seem to bother A at all, while H is a bit more sensitive. 
  • The boys tried their first non-prepared baby foods. The first was mashed sweet potato.... SERIOUS HATE! Next they tried more of a finger food- avocado. They tried to feed it to themselves and I helped a bit too. They weren't too sure, but there wasn't (as much) gagging like with the sweet potato. Other finger foods we've tried include toast with mashed avocado, banana, cheerios and watermelon. 
  • We moved their crib.  Just to the other side of our room so they weren't sleeping RIGHT next to me. Shortly after, and before I had planned, we moved the boys to the nursery and into separate cribs. On the same night they began rolling over in their swaddles which is super unsafe, so the following night we went cold turkey- no swaddles, no more sharing a crib and into the nursery! It has been a success from night one. Every once in a while teething gets the best of us, but for the most part is has been great!
  • A needed his first band aid for something other than a shot. He tore his toenail while trying out his walker. 
  • The boys are in love with their new playroom. We spend a lot of time in the living room, so when they start to get cranky we move the the playroom- perfect distraction for them, and I occasionally get a few photos edited!
  • We started phasing out the swings. I moved them to the nursery and decided if we needed to use them the boys could swing/catnap in their room. I can see out our patio door again, just in time for summer!
  • Both boys are now mostly in size 3 diapers (A is finishing off the 2s) and generally wearing 9m clothing except shorts... A is wearing 3-6m shorts.
  • The boys generally sleep 9-10 hours per night and take two naps per day each somewhere between an hour or two. Depending on when the first two naps take place there might be one quick evening nap between dinner and bedtime. 
  • A is fully army crawling and has started to do the real crawl- H is much more content to just sit where you put him. He gets around both scooting, rolling and the occasional army crawl, but is no where near as fast or determined as his little brother!
  • We got the boys a pool- they LOVE it!
  • They both love to spend their days outside. On average we are probably outside for at least 3-4 hours a day when it is sunny and warm. Thank goodness because we seriously neglected our yard when I was hugely pregnant last summer- now we want to spend tons of time out there so its time to get it back in shape :)
  • When the boys were swaddled for naps and nighttime they used to get into their crib fully awake, now they prefer a bit of snuggle time and rocking with mama some days. It seems like a bit of a step backward, but I don't really mind, they wont want me like this forever. 
On Food:
We are feeding the boys 3 meals of solids most days. There are days they just aren't ready in the mornings and I'm not really forcing it. They take four 7oz bottles each day, so the vast majority of their calories/nutrition are still coming from formula. We have tried several finger foods, none of which are always a hit. Occasionally they will eat something, but the majority of the time they greatly prefer something mashed up on a spoon.

Since I'm already late, this will have to do! I have a feeling these updates will be getting shorter and shorter because the boys are getting busier and busier!

We did have their 9m well exam just a few days late where we found out the boys are both growing well and continue to thrive! H is just over 20lbs now and A is just shy of 19... no wonder those infant car seats feel like they have bricks in them!

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MaryMargaret said...

My updates have been non-existent since the babies become mobile. Don't feel bad. What kind of pool did you get for them? It's already in the 90's here, and we're seriously missing out outside time!