Thursday, May 30, 2013


It has been so long since I've written much other than a monthly update for the boys. So here are a few bullet point to get things caught up!

  • Insurance is still lame. I was denied by another company for a private policy, so we've decided for the moment to have Hubs continue working where he is. On the plus side, the infertility coverage remains, and depending on how long he stays at this job we may be able to use the remainder of our IVF benefits.
  • Depending on the above, baby number three may be thought about sooner than originally planned. Likely closer to a year from now instead of two this is both exciting and terrifying at the moment!
  • We went on a family vacation a couple of weeks ago. Nothing too grand, we just rented a great big house and hung out for five days! Relaxing and fun!
  • I am still taking met.formin... on the days I actually remember. I was SO good about it when I was on it and trying to get pregnant. Now? Not as much. I'm hoping to get better about it, because I know it will help.
  • My lack of summer clothing is somewhat comical. I was hugely pregnant last summer and the summer before I didn't buy many new things because I was doing IVF and hopeful I'd be pregnant and expanding soon. So, that leaves me with things that are a few years old, a little dated and worn out! Its time to go shopping I guess!
  • Over the weekend hubs and I removed some furniture from our living room and rearranged it so we could add a large-ish gated area for the boys. They are both crawling and climbing now and we had to do something before I went INSANE!
  • 9 month sleep regression... not my favorite. 9 month sleep regression coupled with two babies with a cold... a little slice of hell. 
  • The boys HATE finger food. H will try a few things, A turns his head and clinches his lips. Any tips tricks, food ideas?!?
  • We're in the market for convertible car seats and a side by side smallish (reclining) double stroller.... any recommendations?
  • I'm so excited for summer! Farmer's markets, festivals and fun outing with my little family on the weekends- pure joy!
  • We finally put both cribs back in the nursery- I love the way it looks!
  • I currently have one child napping in the swing that I need to return to a friend- They haven't been in it in months because I was trying to wean them from it. Buuuut, mama would do anything for a little nap time with two cranky stuffy babies
  • It seems insane that we are already starting to semi-plan the boys' birthday party! We are really excited and want it to be plenty special for our little guys-- I have approximately one million craft project to complete in the next three months.
  • My husband asked me the other day what I wanted to be when I grew up. I responded first with 'am I not grown up?' and second with 'I'm doing exactly what I've always dreamed about. Being a mom and taking care of my family.' It is not always (or ever really!) a glamorous job, but it is pretty close to perfection in my book!


Mandi said...

I don't have twins but my kids are 13 months apart and we have a Mia mode double umbrella stroller. Not. Bad price an I love it! Seats recline for sleeps and it has a small basket under each seat. I got an add in so I had storage at the top for my stuff! Overall a great fine and bonus it's 30in wide so it fits through all standard door ways. And my kids are both 20-26lbs and they have room to grow in it :)

Jules said...

Awesome update! I can also relate to the clothing issue. I'm still wearing a lot of my maternity tees because they are stretchy and look like normal tees so why the hell not, right? I'm sooo looking forward to getting us all out of the house more now that it's warmer. Damn, that was a long winter! Pool, here we come!

Stephanie said...

To share our love of our convertible and double stroller :) We have the Graco My Ride 65. When we needed it for Carter, I just asked my best mom friend what she used for her 3 and 2 year olds. This was it. And we love it! Carter does too, even for 9 hour rides from KY to VA!

And for a double, we just got the Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT for the boys and seriously, I know its crazy expensive, but you can't beat it! And the seats go into a full recline position.

I'm sorry about all the insurance crap. We thought about looking into a private plan for me and the kids, but ended up on Rick's through work. Now I'm nervous I would be declined too due to PCOS. Blah. And I too feel like you - the days aren't always perfect, but raising my boys and being a wife is what I always wanted to do when I grew up :)

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Sorry about the sleep regression and insurance. Infertility does affect so much! Glad to hear that your hubby is so supportive throughout this journey. Good luck with your last embryos.