Friday, June 28, 2013

Ten Months!

I'm sooo late on this post! The boys turned 10 months on June 15th....
  • Shortly after their 9 month birthday both of the boys started crawling. A was first by about a week, but brother followed suit pretty quickly!
  • Not only are we crawling, but also climbing... and causing near heart attacks on a daily basis. 
  • A now has 6ish teeth and H has 4 and two more that are just now starting to show through- let me tell you I hoped for months before that they'd get their teeth at the same time and ALL at once. Watch what you wish for! But, in reality I think it really has been the best for all of us. Ok, mostly me because if I'm going to be up all night, it might as well be with two at the same time instead of just one on alternating nights :)
  • We now have a permanent fixture in our living room that is a huge play yard with a million toys inside that we lovingly refer to as 'the kennel'.
  • I made some baby pancakes for the boys with apple sauce and a touch of cinnamon-- love at first sight for A... H was not as impressed at first, but has since warmed up. 
  •  The boys are warming up to 'real' food, but often still prefer cereal and baby food. 
  • We are working on the whole sippy cup thing. H is much, much closer to mastery than A. 
  • Both boys are in size 3 diapers and H is wearing a size 4 nighttime diaper. 
  • A and H continue to love their wubanub pacifiers. We are hoping to break them of their lollie love sometime around their first birthday. 
  • This month they went to the zoo for the first time, did a lot of 'swimming' in their pool and played in the sand at the beach for the first time!
  • We're working toward eating mostly table foods. It is a hard transition as A REALLY wants to eat things that are mashed and on a spoon. He is trying more and more and I'm confident that soon they will both be eating baby friendly versions of my meals. Life will be so much easier!
  • Speaking of eating... if I step on ONE.MORE.CHEERIO/PUFF/other easily crushable baby food item I may lose my mind!
  • Both boys continue to take 4 7oz bottles per day.
  • We're working on more consistent naps, the boys generally take two per day for at least an hour each time. If I cant get them to nap at home I hop in the car and go for a drive... works every time!
  • We've had a lot of sleep regression this month. H ends up in bed or on the couch with me almost every night because I can't just let him cry and wake his brother. The massive teething has added a snotty/runny/stuffy nose to the mix of things and sleeping with me up on a pillow is very helpful. I cannot wait for the day they go back to sleeping through the night. Buuuuut, I'm not wishing it away either, they are growing up WAY too fast and they wont need me like this forever.
That is all for now. Hopefully I'll be back in just a couple of weeks to write their 11 month post- holy cow... the last one before their big birthday! On the topic of birthdays- birthday party planning is in full swing! Theme/color scheme has been picked and invitations will be started this weekend! I am getting so excited, but at the same time I cant stand the thought of them turning ONE!


House of Duffy said...

Every time I pop in to check on you, I just smile. I'm so thrilled to hear about your two little boys!

Jessica said...

They really do grow to fast!!!! Do you have an IG or Facebook I would live to see pictures! My IG is MARTINGIRLS.