Monday, February 7, 2011

Another day...

...another doctor.

I saw the third and final doctor at the clinic today. He was just as pleasant as the other two, so from here on out I don't really care too much who I see until my doctor returns from maternity leave (lets hope I'm not still around!!!). He wasn't too hopeful that I would be quite ready to trigger when he was looking at my "tiny" dose of follistim and the amount of time I've been stim'ing. Much to his surprise (and mine) I had a nice big 19mm follie on my right side and nothing else noteworthy on either side. Although I would have rather had two, this is perfectly fine with me and FAR better than being canceled for over producing. So,I trigger tonight and I'll be back in the office Wednesday morning for our 5th insemination. FIFTH. I never in a million years thought I would be typing that.

I just got a call from my nurse and she has instructed me to not only trigger tonight, but also to do a "chaser shot" (why do I feel like I'm at a bar?) of follistim. So, two injections tonight. Fine with me, I intend to be done with injections for good after tonight :)

On a totally random and awkward note... today I ran into someone I went to high school with (about 2 hours away) at my RE's office. She works there, and just happened to be walking down the hall as I was waiting to check out. I have always thought it would be weird to run into someone I knew in the waiting room of the clinic, but I had never thought about how weird it would be to end up knowing someone who worked there. For the record, it was weird.


Kerrik said...

I have no other comment about that last part but ugh. I think that is up there with dreaming you are in class in your underwear level embarrassment - only it is real.

But yea for triggering tonight!

Brandi said...

Yay for the trigger shot! I had to do a few of those 'chaser' shots in order to help boost that follie. Hopefully this is it!!

Stephanie said...

So exciting - its IUI day!!! :) Good luck!!

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for AF to show up. I feel like I'm an IF addict, its killing me that I haven't been to the RE since January 7 and haven't taken hormones or shots or had an IUI since mid December!