Monday, December 9, 2013


We've been talking a ton about adding to our family lately. Honestly, ever since the early days if parenting twins we've been talking to the boys about the sibling(s) they'll have someday. We've always known. It's never really been a question, even on the most difficult if days-- this mama's heart is sure, there will be another-- at least one, maybe more.

I  received an email recently asking me about having twins and  how and when we made the decision that we wanted more.  I never answered the email because each time I started to type, the words sounded so silly to me,  cliché and canned. So unhelpful to this person several states away that I don't know. But here is what I should have said....

  • I knew when I was a little girl that I'd be pregnant more than once. I never really idealized pregnancy as a child, I just imagined I'd do it more than once. 
  • Hubs and I both grew up in families with three kids, we both always assumed we'd likely have the same. 
  • Even through the countless fertility treatments, I still imagined doing it all more than once. 
  • When I got pregnant with twins I was (am still am) completely satisfied, but I still knew I'd like another if it was possible. 
  • As I went through a very uneventful pregnancy with multiples, I knew I could and God willing, would do it again. 
  • When my boys were born screaming and peeing, and I watched as my husband became a daddy- I knew. 
  • When I held and kissed slimy babies who knew me from their first breath as their mama, I was sure. 
  • And, my feeling have only been affirmed since then- I hope and pray it's all possible again. I am a mom through and through. 
All of that said, I know it isn't the same for everyone. Some take a long time to realize something, or rather somebody, is missing from their family. One things I've heard over and over from seasoned moms who are done having babies- you will know. There will be a moment of clarity. Sometimes its in the trenches of a tough situation- sometimes its when your family just feels so right and full in a perfect moment. I obviously can't say if that is true or not, because I am not there yet. I hope that in just the same way I know I'd like another, someday I'll have a peace about being done as well.

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Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

This journey seems like it never gets easier. I hope you find the peace that you're seeking. Happy New Year!