Friday, December 6, 2013


I think I've mentioned before that we've been looking -- if you can even call it that-- for a church. It's hard with two babies, and we've been making excuse after excuse about why we can't make it work each week. Bottom line, our boys still nap twice a day- they NEED that morning nap and it happens at about 10am, give or take. So either we have super fussy babies in an unfamiliar church/nursery while we look for a church, or we don't go. Generally we choose the latter.

I've been craving it though. Some connection,  some spiritual grounding, especially during the holidays. Advent is such a time of waiting and expectation- it seems so fitting for me, an infertile, to find hope in these days leading up to Christmas. If you're new to the party, I wrote this post a few years ago and it remains something I think about often. 

In an effort to get connected to advent I decided look for an advent devotional. I'm only a few days in,  and if  you're interested you'd only need to catch up a few days, but so far it has been so good. After each day's readings I think to myself- I need this today, right where I am, but gosh, how I NEEDED it a few years ago. 

It's called 'The Greatest Gift' unwrapping the full love story of Christmas- by Ann Voskamp.

Not to worry, I'm not getting compensated for this, I just felt like I should pass the info along to all of you, especially those of you in a waiting period. It's good stuff. 

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Stephanie said...

Hey! Another devotional that isn't just for Advent is Jesus Calling by Sarah Young (I think). She has a bunch of different versions. The one I love is for women, but she also has a preschool version that we have for the boys, but its still over their head. One day! I've heard great things about The Greatest Gift too though, I'll have to give it a try!

Also, I feel your pain on the church thing. We FINALLY went on a hunt back in September and found a one we're in love with around Halloween. So much so we've started attending their membership 6 week small group before Sunday service and are looking forward to starting a small group come January. Carter naps at 1pm for 1 long afternoon nap at 21 months, but Rett still naps in the morning and in the afternoon, but he isn't on a set schedule. With the class and service, the boys are in their nursery rooms from 9am until 12:30pm. Then we rush home for lunch and afternoon naps! Its super stressful, but oh so worth it! Especially if you're craving it!

If your guys are like C, they'll soon be going down to 1 nap. C was down to 1 nap a day around 15-16 months.

Getting out of the house on a Sunday morning can be totally stressful, but if you're wanting it, you'll love it when yall find the right church home :)