Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Crib Blankets?

We live in a home that has a relatively old heat pump. When the temps get low at night and either very slowly warm during the day, or don't warm up much as the day goes on, it makes for a somewhat chilly house. We have a couple of space heaters, one in the boys' room and one that is either in the living space or our bedroom depending on time of day. The boys' room is kept at 70 degrees over night and at nap time and they sleep on a fleece crib sheet in fleece pajamas. Each of the boys has a small lovely blanket they sleep with, but it is very small, nothing large enough to cover with.

My question is, when did you start allowing your child to sleep with a blanket, something larger than a small lovie- something that could provide some warmth? I'm not sure I'm ready- but I thought it might help to know what other mamas have done.


Stephanie said...

I cant remember when chloe started sleeping with one but i do remember we put her in a sleep sack last winter. She has multiple blanket. In her crib now. Drake on the other hand has slept with a blanket from day one. First in the co sleeper in our room and now in his crib. I was a bit nervous for that but i was more nervous how he would do without it. Now that hes rolling to his belly ive been keeping a close eye on him again.

Michele said...

We use halo wearable blankets bought on amazon, the extra large fits up to 35 lbs. I plan to use those until he physically can't fit anymore. Kids kick off blankets all the time.

I have a friend who added blankets when she moved her kids from cribs into a bed at age 2.

The main concern for blankets is SIDS, and the risk of SIDS is nil after age 1, because they can roll over and also move blankets from their faces. If you have added pillows, blankets are likely fine too.

Stephanie Johnson said...

My son is 13 months old, and he sleeps with a small blanket. It's about 36" square. Just big enough to cover him, and he doesn't get too tangled in it when he rolls around in his crib.

I don't know if it's too soon for him to sleep with it, but he has been for a couple weeks and is fine!

He wears fleece PJs and sleeps on a plush fitted sheet. We keep our house around 70-71 at night.

Jesica said...

We do the sleep sack because he's way to squirmy to stay under a blanket, not because I worry about him with blankets in the crib. I've tried it a few times for naps and he always ends up on the other side of the crib from the blanket. I plan on doing blankets and pillows when he moves out of the crib, age 2?

B&B said...

My twins started sleeping with blankets at 6 months. We always use breathable ones