Thursday, August 9, 2012

37w3d appointment

Well, they are STILL in there. I keep trying to coax them out with promises of ponies and pudding, but it doesn't seem to be working out for me. I'm beyond grateful they like it in there and that my body seems to be tolerating carrying two  babies to full term just fine. As ready as I am for them to be out, knowing that the end is near (less than a week now!) makes it a little easier to function each day. Even if 'function' means laying on the couch most of the day!

Everything is still completely normal with this pregnancy. It is almost like I'm not carrying twins. I never had to be seen by a MFM, I never found myself on bed rest, no pre-term labor, very minimal swelling especially for a summer pregnancy, normal blood pressure, no protein in my urine, no gestational diabetes.... what.the.heck? Believe me, I NEVER expected this to go anywhere close to this seamlessly. 

We had a VERY early appointment this morning. First an ultrasound and then a follow up with the OB. The ultrasound was fairly uneventful because these babies are wedged in there and it is dang near impossible to see ANYTHING at this point. Everything still looks good, plenty of fluid and they are still growing at a similar pace- just a 4% variance between the two. These little stinkers add up to just over 14 lbs combined and have my belly measuring 50cm- that is about what a women 50 weeks pregnant with a singleton would measure. Holy cow.  

That was our final OB appointment. The next time we see our doctor it will be to deliver these boys! I cannot wait!



beccasfamilyof5 said...

Wow, there really aren't going to be many more posts like this one. :)

Well done on a seamless pregnancy. They really are good to have and for carrying twins, it's an amazing feat so very well done Mama. Still, no pregnancies are completely without surprise and those little boys could still arrive before those 6 days are up. Fingers crossed your little fellas births go as smoothly which I am sure they will. :)

All the very best for the last few days xxx

Michele said...

Such an exciting time! I can't believe that you've made it this far without your body revolting. Good luck later this week, you'll do great!

Joys Truly said...

So happy your pregnancy has gone so well. Just a bit longer then we can meet these lil guys. Enjoy this calm before the twin madness begins :)

cailtin said...

Wow! I still cannot believe how great this has all gone for you! You are doing absolutely amazing, and you don't even seem to be orribly uncomfortable, I am totally impressed. And 50 cm is HUGE!!!!! I am measuring 29 and huge so I cannot even imagine - I want to see it!
Congrats again, can't wait to meet your little guys!

JM said...

Amazing. Absolutely amazing! It's pretty insanely great how well your body has tolerated this pregnancy! I can not WAIT for you to meet your boys!!!

MaryMargaret said...

You have done so amazingly well. Some people are just meant to carry twins! Enjoy the last few days of relative normalcy before those precious, rowdy little boys arrive!

L said...

It's amazing how smoothly this pregnancy has gone. Hopefully your delivery and recovery will be just as smooth so you can enjoy every moment of being with your boys. I can't wait to hear of their arrival!