Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is it possible? UPDATE!

I'm just wondering if it would be possible for some portion of infertility to go smoothly? I almost got ahead of myself yesterday when I began drafting a post about how close we were to DONE with our pre-IVF testing/teaching list. I was pleased at how easy everything had seemed to happen.... until this morning when my phone rang.

When I saw my clinic's name flash on my caller ID while I was our running some errand this morning I really thought nothing of it and quickly answered expecting to hear the voice of my nurse on the other end of the line letting me know that all of the infectious disease screen was in, and we were good to go. Uh, wrong.

As it turns out two of the tests that needed to be drawn were not (or possibly incorrectly drawn) so now we are missing two blood tests that are fairly important, and as far as I can tell, after looking at the Qu.est web page, one of them needs to be sent out of state for processing. PERFECT. It was our hope that all of the blood work would be complete by Monday's mock transfer/Doppler appointment and after that all we'd be waiting for was CD1.

So now, I am waiting in limbo to see what I need to do. Hopefully I can just have the tests re-drawn at my pcp's office saving me out of network lab charges as well as a 1.5 hour round trip drive into the clinic.... cross your fingers!!

On a MUCH happier note, I spoke with my insurance this week about my IVF meds and it looks like both oral and injectable fertility medications are have no limit and are paid at 100% after a co-pay! Lu.pron is the only possible issue, but it looks like the generic alternative is covered. IF i have to pay for lu.pron OOP, does anyone have any idea what kind of price tag I'm looking at?

Thankfully everything worked out. The lab was able to use the blood that had already been drawn to run the other two tests!!


- said...

I am sorry that there are two missing blood tests. I hope that you can have the blood drawn locally.
Check out Freedom Fertility Pharmacy for the Lupron cost. They are a very reputable online pharmacy.

E and R said...

How frustrating! You would think that mistakes like this wouldn't be made - its not like they don't do this a lot! But, when my sister was here, we went through about the same thing - we had just gotten home from her having blood work and they called and said we had to come back (at least they realized it right away!)
Hope this doesn't mess with your schedule any!!!

Miss Mac said...

Glad that everything worked out and that is wonderful about insurance covering your IVF meds... that was about $5500 out of pocket for us. Hope you're now on the way!

E and R said...

So glad to hear that they got the bloodwork situation figured out! What a relief!
Thinking of you! Can't wait to hear how the mock transfer goes!!!