Monday, December 15, 2014


I haven't written about the boys in awhile because I stopped writing monthly/well visit updates. A lot has changed around here-- H is talking up a storm acquiring more words daily, communicating more and more. His language has completely blown up in the last probably two months. He had some words at 2, but only a TINY fraction of the words he has now. A on the other hand is a boy of few words-- literally. At 28 months he has about 20 words that he occasionally uses. Some we hear daily others we hear rarely. Our pediatrician wasn't overly worried, but referred him for an early intervention eval anyway at his 24 month appointment, we finally just had the appointment last week.

He scored low in several areas and easily qualified for services. We'll start by having 45 minute sessions twice a month. I'm unsure what else will come of it, but I hope more communication from my blonde boy! He was incredibly uncompliant at his evaluation. He wanted very little to do with the two evaluators and was mostly concerned with collecting all the of the non-toys throughout the room. Pens, pencils, coins ect-- all of the thing she generally doesn't get at home.

It will be interesting to see how he responds at his appointment this week since we'll be at our own house and there will be less to explore. We're looking forward to learning new ways to draw communication out of our boy and are hopeful he is just a little behind his brother and a significant vocabulary growth spurt is on its way.

Until then, I'd love to hear from you- have you been here? Do you have suggestions? Books? Specific toys or games? Books I should read? Programs we should try? Leave a comment or send me an email-- waitingnwishing at yahoo dot com


Stephanie said...

Early intervention evals are such a great thing. We have Chloe evaluated at 2 because we were worried with her lack of speech too. The evaluators said she could see why we were worried, but to just give Chloe time. And that's all she needed. It's hard not to compare to other kids though, and especially in your case when you have two kids the same age. I wish I had suggestions for you, but I have a feeling A will be very successful as he begins his appointments!

Kelsey said...

I really don't have any advice...nor would I be qualified to give it, but I am curious to hear what you learn from his appointments. I've heard of lots of kids acquiring language slowly/late though and being completely fine. Some kiddoes just seem to want to be able to put an entire thought together before expressing it...he might just surprise you someday and start talking in full sentences!

Jessica said...

My little baby A was behind in her speech we were evaluated and did speech once a week for almost two months and she was discharged and was above her age group with her vocabulary. She grew leaps and bounds in such a short time family and friends were amazed at how quickly she took off. Turns out she just needed a little confidence and some one on one time away from her very type A personality twin. Turns out she never had much to say because she just kind of followed her sisters lead when she was forced to communicate without her around she really took off. I make a conscious effort to give her a chance to speak and ask her questions directly and she has been getting more one on one time. We also have noticed that with her she has been delayed in more areas and then just takes off with her sister she is more slow and steady.