Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Seven Months...

Better late than never!

I know I say it every time, but I cannot believe how quickly the days and weeks are flying by. These boys will be ONE before we know it!

There haven't been a ton on changes this month. We're  mostly working on sitting unassisted- which H is super close to doing consistently. A, on the other hand, is MUCH more interested in being on his belly scooting backward everywhere I'd like him NOT to be. I'm not worried, he will figure it out one of these days! Neither of the boys have any teeth, but we are still sure they are on the way. The drool is never ending and the swollen gums are there.... as are the slightly grumpy dispositions occasionally!

We have finally gotten into a routine with solids and it has been really fun to feed the boys- they LOVE it! I can't get spoonfuls into their mouths quickly enough! We still lack a schedule, but in general I'm ok with it. Right now, that is our rough outline of a day....

  • the boys have a bottle roughly every 3-4 hours during the day depending on when they have solids.
  • for part of the month we were giving the boys solids just once a day, but by the end we were feeding them twice a day. Usually oatmeal and fruit for breakfast and rice cereal, a vegetable and maybe some leftover fruit for dinner. 
  • this month we tried to move up their bedtime, but with teething babies it was hard and it seemed like they needed that later feed in order to make it through the night (even so, H end up in bed with us nearly every night around 4 or 5) so we switched back most nights.
  • between naps and feedings the boys love their saucers, anything that plays music and lights up, reading books and having me sing to them.
 And because I just need to get this done before its time to write their 8 month post there are a few more things...
  • both boys are in size two diapers and both wear 6m clothing most of the time. A could probably still wear and few 3m things and H fits into a few 9m things. 
  • We've tried baths a few new ways, but it seems we are all still happiest to bathe with mama. 
  • We finished trying all of the 1st foods and are on to second foods and some yummy combos that they seem to love!
  • A still spits up... a lot. 
  • We've found that Phillip Phillips is amazing for nap time. For some reason they get quiet and snuggle down as soon as I turn it on. It also works in the middle of the night. The insurance commercial that has one of his songs on it also makes them stop what they are doing.
  • Both of the boys get up on their hands and knees and rock like they are going to do something, but they haven't yet-- I am just fine with that. Life with two movers is going to be EXHAUSTING!
  • A and H are still sleeping in our room together in one crib. I continue to love having them close, and it makes those painful night time wake ups about 100x more tolerable. 
  • We stopped breast feeding. I planned it and I knew when the last feeding was and while I missed it a little in the first week, I knew it was time-- we were all ready. The boys transitioned really well because we did it so slowly over the course of several weeks. 


Jules said...

So many exciting updates! I'm so curious about how you bathe with them?? How do you fit yourself and a baby or two in there? I can hardly fit in my bathtub by myself (though our tub is pretty small). We are still bathing them in a baby bathtub in the kitchen sink.

Kelli said...

Wow...Phillip Phillips?! funny...happy 7 months!