Thursday, February 21, 2013

Making Life Easier!

It is not news to anyone that life with twins is... well, it is a lot of things- but busy is right at the top of my list. In addition to being busy, it is cumbersome. Have you ever tried steering a double stroller while carrying a HUGE box of diapers? Plan on sweating. And, if you're at that in between place between maternity pants postpartum and your pre-pregnancy pants, you know when you have to pull up whatever you're wearing about every ten steps-- forget about it.

What has made my life about a hundred times easier is having diapers delivered to my house. I've used both amazon and and both have been great. Today as I was making my order I realized that there is a referral program and I thought I'd quickly toss a shameless plug out to all of you to order from AND use my referral code so I can cut down price of my next obscene diaper order.

Here is the thing, I find the diapers (we use pampers) to be cheaper than they are in the store (we usually shop at target) and I order them one day and usually receive them on my doorstep the next day- all complements of free shipping on orders over $49.  It is AMAZING! They also sell their own generic brand of diapers and you can first order a sample of them before committing to a whole case. I did that this time, so we shall see!

Anyone who uses my referral code gets 20% off their first order on AND any of their eight sister sites which you'll find as tabs at the top of their web page. Just enter my code in the promotion/savings code box at checkout..... CHRI809447

 Also, make sure you take advantage of their new customer discount on a box of diapers (BABY7AFF)-- awesome deal!

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AJ said...

I will have to check that out! We get all of our diapers delivered from amazon prime. We have been using a combination of Pampers and Luvs.