Thursday, November 15, 2012

Three Months!

I cannot believe my sweet boys are already three months old! With every new month my heart sinks a little- they wont be babies forever. So, I spend my days neglecting my house and holding my babies- I'm ok with it, it wont be this way forever. Someday we will eat well planned meals, from a nice clean kitchen with no dishes on the counters. Until then, I just want to soak in these days- these moments that are passing far too quickly for this mama's liking!

I want to remember everything about these sweet EXHAUSTING days with my boys:

Baby A: H --- (Random question twin mamas-- is your baby A the more chill one? My OB insists he can pick A & B almost every time by temperament. A is almost always more relaxed and B is more likely to be the needy/scrappy type. SO true at our house!)
  • LOVES to sleep... during the day. Get the kid snuggly and he is OUT! He is so much like his mama when it comes to sleep.
  • Is pretty content (and usually sleeping) in his swing, car seat and stroller. Right now outings are a dream!
  • Likes his giraffe wubbanub pacifier, but doesn't need it most of the time.
  • Enjoys nursing and bottles. He almost always cries when either is over, even if he is the one to pull away. 
  • Can play for a long time on his play mat by himself or alongside his brother. 
  • Wakes up every 3or 4 hours at night to eat.
  • Misses his brother in the pack-n-play at night when A jumps ship and gets in bed with mommy and daddy. 
  • Has the most adorable dimples I've ever seen. 
  • Wears a size one diaper and 3 month clothes. 
  • Loves Mommy and Daddy pretty equally.
  • Cries only when he needs something. He is usually pretty easy to figure out- he doesn't care too much about the status of his diaper unless its poopy, so it is usually an eat or sleep cry. 
Baby B: A
  • Has a hard time shutting down and going to sleep. The kid is SO worried he is going to miss something!
  • Loves his mama above all others.
  • Is still a tiny guy- but long enough that we had to retire all of the newborn clothes when he reached 12 weeks old. He also transitioned to size 1 diapers just this week at 13 weeks old. 
  • Forgets/doesn't like to/avoids pooping. The doctor says it is fine because he isn't actually constipated. We used suppositories for awhile but now he is going once or twice a week.
  • NEEDS his froggy wubbanub pacifier.
  • Usually likes riding in the car seat, stroller and swing, but often prefers the sling or front pack. 
  • Loves to eat, but spits up A LOT. We think he is dealing with a bit of reflux, but not enough to medicate. 
  • Has started sleeping through the night the last few nights.... if he gets into bed with us at some point. 
  • Smiles with his whole face. 
  • Loves to stand.
  • Is a more fussy baby than his brother, but often the fussy times can be avoided if I see them coming.

In the eyes of their Mama they are the most perfect, adorable babies EVER!


Joys Truly said...

Omg they are so cute I want to squeeze them both!!! I agree with you, the house will always need cleaning but they are only this little once. Enjoy them!!

Stephanie said...

They ARE adorable babies!! How precious, thanks for sharing a picture! Sounds like you are in a great place right now, soaking up all the baby love you can. :)

E and R said...

OMG! They are gorgeous!!! I so wish I still lived there so I could see them :( Missing you a lot, friend!

amy said...

Oh my GOODNESS...I'm sooo glad you shared this picture!! I'm in love! They are gorgeous!! What a lucky mama you are :)

Jessica said...

Ahhhhhh they are adorable!!!! I've been anxiously awaiting a picture!! My little Leena Baby A tends to be a little more high maintenance she is a girl that knows what she wants!! She just loves her Mommy!! Brielle Baby B is way more laid back she is pretty much go with the flow until its bed time, than she is a whole new baby and just fights it!!

KC said...

They are so handsome, seriously adorable little guys. I agree with your priorities, who cares if everything is in its place as longs as the boys are happy and cared for. I too cherish every second with my boys and can't get enough of them. My guys are now almost 9 months and it has flown by way too fast.
I have the absolute reverse of your boys as far as personality. My baby A is the fussier guy that has been the first to do most things (crawling, standing, sitting etc), while my baby B is the chilled relaxed one. I always thought it was typical for baby A to be the "wild one" because they got out Actually our boys changed places at the last minute (seems impossible) and baby A became baby b (I had a c-section so maybe that had something to do with it).
Anyways, enjoy those adorable guys.

Megan said...

Oh my gosh they are beautiful boys! So sweet. Great job, mama!

Anonymous said...

They are so darn cute!!!
Baby A was def. the chill baby, and at times I felt like he was neglected because baby b was more needy!
Sounds like you are having the time of your life :)