Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Is it hard?"- postpartum encounters with an infertile

As part of my postpartum care I had an appointment with the postpartum/lactation care clinic at the hospital where I delivered about 3 days after I was discharged. This was one of our first outings with the babies and we turned a lot of heads with our long double stroller holding two of the cutest (I may be biased) faces on the planet. 

As we were walking into the hospital, a young nurse peeked in on the boys and asked me 'Is it hard?' to which I replied 'yes, but not as hard as I thought it would be.' She then shared with me, a complete stranger, that she was going through fertility treatments and had been told that multiples were a very real possibility. I quickly shared that we'd been there and that every single thing she'd face in the coming months would be absolutely worth it.
We were running late for our appointment and she appeared to be returning from a break, but as we walked our separate ways, we both wished each other luck and I said a quick prayer for her that she'd be as blessed as I've been. 


KC said...

I think what you said is perfect. Considering all of the warning we get when having twins it is easier than anticipating but it is still very challenging. I have a girlfriend who is expecting twins naturally (yes some people just "luck into it) and I always tell her it is the best. My husband says I shouldn't sugar coat it but I think it is the best. That doesn't mean it isn't a full time job. I reminded him that every other person she bumps into will tell her that she is screwed so why can't I be the only positive person telling her it is totally managable!
Isn't it amazing how much attention you get when you have twins, sometimes I feel like a rockstar....lol
Take care and congrats again.

Anonymous said...

I love that you were so much more supportive than what you've received. I can only imagine that it IS HARD. but also so so worth it.