Tuesday, March 6, 2012

15 weeks

How Far Along: 15 weeks 

How Big are the Babies? They are the size of an apple or an orange.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Down 2lbs. post retrieval. Up a little less than a pound from last week. 
Maternity Clothes: If I'm not at home and wearing sweats, I'm at least wearing maternity on the bottom. Several non-maternity tops still fit, and a couple pairs of regular jeans will work, but they get very uncomfortable VERY quickly!
Gender: We don't know yet, but we are crossing our fingers for a peek tomorrow.
Movement: I've felt a weird feeling a few times.. I'm still not convinced its the babies. 
Sleep: Sleep and I are not getting along. I wake up almost nightly at  3am and depending on the day, I can MAYBE go back to sleep after being up for 45 minutes to a hour. Some nights are better and some are worse. I figure I'm just getting prepared for not sleeping a wink once these babies arrive!
Belly button in or out? In, but it feels super weird. I think the top of my uterus is about halfway up my belly button currently which is a really odd feeling. 
What I miss: Sleep! I've always been one to lay down, fall asleep almost instantly and sleep soundly through the night... those days are O-V-E-R!
Milestones: Being comfortably in the second trimester and feeling better overall.
Food Cravings:  Fruit, veggies, potato salad and sour gummy candy.
Aversions: Eggs are still off the list,
Symptoms: Nausea when I get hungry, insomnia, occasional heartburn, tailbone pain and overall fatigue
Best Moment this week: Going out to dinner to celebrate our babies. We have a favorite spendy restaurant that we went to a couple years ago on our anniversary- on that day we said we would go back to celebrate when we got pregnant and not before.... 2.5 years later we were eating steak and enjoying table-side preparation of our side dishes and dessert. We had a wonderful time celebrating these little babes growing in my belly.
Funny Moment: An intense need for sour patch kids and potato salad at 8pm one evening. For the record, they would delicious!
Tip of the Week: I think it is funny that this remains the same for me every.single.week. You'd think I would learn by now... keep eating and drinking- always!
What I'm looking forward to: Seeing our babies again... TOMORROW!!!


E and R said...

Glad things are going well, I can't wait to hear how the ultrasound goes! Already missing our lunch dates :(

Cristy said...

Congrats on hitting 15 weeks!!! I hope the ultrasound is filled with joy and lots of laughter

Mrs. H said...

Congrats on heading into your second trimester. Sounds like all your cravings are healthy foods (fruits, veggies and yes I consider gummy sours healthy cause I like em). Can't wait to hear how your gender appointment goes.

Emily said...

LOL I just love the potato salad and sour candy! I can't wait to hear about tomorrow's US! I am glad you guys celebrated. Sounds like a great time.

Stephanie said...

Ooh, I hope you get a peak at the genders tomorrow! Take naps when you can, even if they are short!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are doing well. Good luck tomorrow!

Jessica said...

Good luck at your appointment today! Thinking of you!