Friday, December 5, 2014

Three years.

Three years.

That's how long it's been (almost) since the boys were conceived. Sunday will mark 3 years since retrieval, Thursday will be three years since transfer and Friday will be the anniversary of the freezing of the remaining embryo from our second cycle- the boys' triplet as my OB calls it. Friday will also mark the beginning of the next chapter of this story- in one week we start again. It's just a consult with our doctor. The info gathering appointment- finding out what the plan will be, what is ahead of us and potentially getting a timeline for treatment. We're hoping to start marking things off the pre-treatment list slowly in the next several weeks. I'm anticipating a March transfer, but we're really not in a huge rush- my priority is making this process as low stress as possible!

The timing was in no way planned. Of course I knew these dates were approaching, but when I took the appointment, it was just the one that worked best for Hubs and I. We figured if we needed a sitter, we might as well have a date night too! I LOVE the idea of these dates all matching up. Somehow it makes it all feel even more right.

It's exciting that another sweet baby may be joining our family soon. The fear of 'what if' hasn't really set in yet- I'm hoping I can just hold on to hope! 


Jess said...

How exciting! I love that the dates just seem to mesh. It is always so weird to me how fertilized cohorts are considered multiples but gestated separately... But neat at the same time. I wish you as stressfree a cycle as is possible, and so, so much luck with this "triplet" conception! And enjoy your date night, I bet it is an amazing treat. Thinking of you as you start again!

Anonymous said...

It is crazy what changes a couple years can bring! 3 years ago we were still fighting too, about to go through our third failed FET....and now - we are having #2! Hope that it all stays low stress for you and is low key and obviously brings positive results! Good luck!