Thursday, July 24, 2014

Find Your People

This morning as I was doing my  morning scroll through I saw a link to an article about motherhood. It is always a valid topic for me, and generally I'll click a link if it has to do with something that is current in my life. Especially if it has been shared or reposted by someone who is in a similar season of life.

Motherhood, while always at the forefront of my mind, has been more so in that last several weeks. You see, I'm in  the depths of planning for the upcoming year with my local MO.PS steering team and I've been challenging myself  to really think about how we as moms can uplift one another. How we can help carry burdens and how we can rejoice with other moms when success is reached-- in life, but especially as moms.

This time of my life is rich. I'm blessed beyond measure- I find myself on a daily basis appreciated, well loved, challenged and above all else needed.  Sure, I may not shower for days on end,  and I  might think that brushing my teeth before noon is a big victory, but wow, I can truly say, nothing is  better.

Nothing could be better, unless it were this. Please, please take the five minutes to click on over and read an article about what it might be like to raise your children in a village. Though I think this sounds pretty incredible, I think we have ways in the world we live in now to  find a place that looks a little more like this. Moms don't have to feel alone in motherhood. Sure,  in most cases  it isn't going to work to live a life like the one depicted in the article, but what about working toward it?

What about finding moms who are where you are? Not just moms you connect with online in forums/through blogs and the like (though they are helpful too!)- but instead finding a group.

For me it has been MO.PS. My group has cried together, has talked through rough spots in parenting and in life, we've prayed for each other, we taken care of kids who don't belong to us and  we rallied around one of our own when she went  into pre-term labor at 28 weeks. I didn't know a single person when I walked  in  a little less  than a year ago, and now, I feel supported by a group of moms who know a lot about where I am right now in this pretty incredible season of life.

The moral of this story is- find your people. Create your village.  Its important- its worth putting in the work. And one last little bit- don't make your village only family members. It wasn't a choice for me to lean heavily on my family because they are a few hours down the road, and in all honesty it feels really good to know I have family to depend on AND friends.


Michele said...

I wish I hadn't moved hours away from the village I was creating, now I have to start all over.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

I don't see the link to this article but I'd love to read it.