Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I've received the liebster blog award a handful of times and I think I've played along a couple of times, and while I'm not going to pass it along, I am going to answer the questions because I think you and I can totally agree... this blog is in a SLUMP! And I'm also doing it because I want y'all to click on over to Kelsey's blog Kinder Coaster and show her a little old fashioned infertile love. She's in the early stages of this mess and could use a pat on the back, a little IF advice and the sense of community we've all grown to love... so go, give her your best IF secrets, but you can leave out the old pillow under the hips trick, I think she has heard that one before :)

1. What is a little known fact about you? 
My thumbs are double jointed, my mom's thumbs are double jointed and it is looking like both of the boys may be also. Weird.
2. What are your favorite hobbies?
When I find the time/energy/creativity I love to sew and craft. I've made a number of things and its a goal of mine to sell at least one thing I've made someday.
3. What bores you to tears?
Movies that require too much thought. You know, like the kind you need to take notes during so you know what the efffff is going on. I don't mind something thought provoking- I just hate those scattered movies that go between reality and dreams.
4. Favorite genre or type of reading?
I love something inspirational-- the genre doesn't matter to me as much as the ending. I'm at a point in my life where I really just want to read happy endings. I feel like reality is so full of not-so-happy endings, I'd rather spend my free time indulging in happy!
5. Book recommendations?
The Idiot Girl's Guide To.... every single one I've read was funny- crude, but funny. I also love almost any Jody Picoult book (though those don't really fit the always happy ending rule).
6. Most annoying thing to hear as an infertile woman?
The list is looooooong! One of my least favorite things, was people speaking poorly of their children and their choice to have them.
7. Do you have pets? Tell me about them!
No pets! My husband is constantly wanting a dog but is totally understanding of the fact I need nothing more to take care of at this stage in the game!
8. Are you an Early Bird or Night Owl?  By choice or by circumstance?
I'm more of an early bird, but with the boys, now I'm a bit of both... not really by choice! I tell my husband at least once a week how much I LOVE climbing into bed. It is one of my favorite parts of the day. Not because I don't absolutely love all that I do all day, but getting into bed is how I recharge and get ready for another full day with my two favorite little people!
9. Guilty pleasure/s?
Trashy TV. If I don't have a bunch of chores to catch up on around the house, I generally sit down during the boys' naptime and watch some tv while I eat my lunch. This is the time I can watch anything I want and if it is on bra.vo or E! I'm probably watching it.... and most likely thinking, 'why do I watch this garbage?!?!'
10. Best piece of advice/encouragement for others on the IF journey? AND/OR Please share any infertility-related, Oprah-style "Aha Moments."
Keep track of everything. I started a binder when I started seeing the RE. All of the handouts I received went into that binder in case I needed them at some point. Things from what to expect with procedures, information about the drugs I was taking, etc. During treatment cycles I'd also print a blank calendar to record all appointments on. That way the next similar cycle I'd be able to kind of guess when things like IUI's and ultrasounds may take place. Once I started IVF I kept up the calendar and placed pages behind it to document other info from the appointment- blood work levels, follicle counts/sizes/medication dosing instructions. These pages had room for 3-4 appointments and served as a fantastic resource to look back on when we did our second round of IVF.


Kelsey said...

Thanks for playing along! Who doesn't love a little trashy TV?? Also, I agree that people speaking poorly about their children is high on the list of worst things to hear!

E and R said...

Always fun getting to know you more.
I MISS YOU!!!!!!
Let's try and plan a "date" to catch up? Skype or facetime??